Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

Hello Blogging World....look at me! 2 posts in 2 days, yay me! :) Well it is Tuesday and I haven't played along in a while and I loved Taylor's topic, so I figured I would play along!!! So here we go.....

Okay, so I am a total reality show junkie....not so much the games and competitions, the ones where they follow people around and make them feel like celebrities when in all reality the only reason they are on the show is because of massive amounts of drama in their lives. Yes, I am that girl who is the reason that shows like ALL of The Real Housewives {luuuuuurve them all!!}, The Hills, Jerseylicious, Jersey Shore, Tori and Dean, and many other mind numbing shows are ridiculously popular! My hubs continues to tell me how awful my TV taste is, I respond with a smile and a nod.....I know how terrible it all is, but it is a train wreck and I can't stop tuning in!!

That all being said, if I had the opportunity to be on a TV show it would not be any of the said shows {except maybe Tori and Dean, only because I would looooove helping her plan all the parties she plans all the time!} because it would just be embarrassing. I have always said if I could be on one it would be......

Yes, The Donald is a total douche bag most of the time., but I would like that you have to actually work hard and do crazy projects and meet all kinds of people, all in NYC and THEN you win a job working for non other than Donald Trump! I just think it would be a great opportunity and you could so much with it! So much more than winning "The Gauntlet" or something else in a similar classy setting!

My 2nd choice would be......

I mean, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.....traveling, with my hubs {preferably}, or a friend, or a family member....around the country.....seeing and doing the most AMAZING things {hence the name...}....getting closer.....and winning a prize in the end would be a bonus!!!
        So, those are my picks in a long, drawn-out explanation......but it's my blog and I do what I want!!!

                                                                                      Happy Tuesday, Peeps!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I am still here!

So, I know I am like the worst blogger ever......1 post in like 2 weeks! I know, I know there are probably not a whole lot of you with broken hearts out there....but I want to keep doing this lovely little blog and I will do my damndest to get better! :) The new job is keeping me pretty busy and I used to do my blogging from work {don't tell my previous boss :)}, and now I am not in the office very much - so once I get into a new schedule I will  make it happen!

          In the mean time I will continue to read all of your lovely blogs and comment on your lovely posts!
Happy Monday and Have a FANTABULOUS week!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

First Day of the New Job.....

..........and I am nervous! Seriously, why I am so freakin' nervous?!

Wish me luck!!! 


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Okay, I have been totally MIA this week and will probably continue to do so the rest of the week.......seeing as how my BFF, Katie P! comes in town tomorrow {WOOOOOOHOOOO} 

and we have nothing to do but lay by the pool {although the forecast is not looking to good for tomorrow...}
and just to show you how much I lurve this chickadee, here are some pics of the last time we were together.....

buying New Years Gear....KatieP! on the left, me on the right....goooood times!

Anywho, we have lots of fun things to do and "Great Gatsby - all white" Themed Birthday Party to attend on Saturday so I will have tons'o'pics for you next week!! Aaaaaand, I start work on Monday! Eeeeeks, nervous, excited, stress....but we won't think about that today. Tomorrow is another day!! 

So, in the mean time....I will leave you with this fabulous little clip from Saturday Night Live....the hubs and I saw it a while back and thought it was hysterical.....and every time I watch it I laugh louder.....all you southern ladies will appreciate it!


Have a great week!!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Final Friday!

Okay, so I have been an uber slacker on the blogosphere this week! Between my last few days - before several days off - before I start my fabulous new job - and trying to get over the phunky-ness I have just not been worth much! But, today is Friday {my last Friday, I might add, at this little ole' desk} which means I am going to do my damndest to do a whole lotta nothin'!! {that hasn't really worked out thus far.....lots of loose ends before I peace out!}

But come 4:00 {3 if I'm lucky!} my weekend starts which means a little date night action with the hubs

to go see this....
{PS, if you saw and loved "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" like we did you will understand the excitement for this movie!}

Then come Saturday, I will be looking at this....

doing a whole mess of this....
{excuse my LSU color scheme going on here......I am in no way, shape, or form an LSWho fan. Hotty Toddy!!}

with these pretty ladies...

drinking some of these yummy white sangrias....
{except for sweet preggers on the right, Laura and I will drink her share....}

watchin' the hubs doing some of this...

and finishing the evening off with some of this action....

All of this is dependent on Mother Nature staying on my side....

Happy Weekend my bloggy friends!!!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Delayed Weekend Re-Cap

Happy Wednesday Folks....or should I say my Monday?....
Yes, today is the start to my 3 day work week...which is good and bad. You see, I took off Monday due to the wedding craziness this weekend {in hospitality world you don't get days like Memorial Day off....you have to take them....another lovely reason I am beyond excited to only have only a few more days in it! :)}. Sadly, it wasn't a chill relax day :(.

The hubs and I woke up Monday morning and decided to head to Cookevegas to see his parents since I had the day off {we have not been in a while and thought it would be a nice surprise}, so we hop in the car with pups and start heading East. We get there and they are so excited, his mom puts a ham in the oven for us for dinner and then we head to lunch. We have a delightful lunch and then we get back to their house and suddenly everything wasn't so delightful. Something somewhere along the line did not settle and I was sick to my stomach, horribly sick, and it just kept getting worse. I napped, I took a bunch of pepto, some carbonation, and nothing.....The last thing I wanted to do was get into the car for an hour long trip...but we did, with stops along the way {maybe tmi...}, I got home and crashed and continued to be sick for the next 2 days..........boo-hoo, no fun, no fun atall!!! So I proceeded to stay in bed until yesterday evening where I got up long enough to make it to the couch. Lovely Memorial Day right? Boo to food poisoning!

Anywho, before all the funky sickness we had a splendid weekend full of weddings and sun bathing....because yes, our lovely pool is open......
yay!!!!! I will be doing a whole lot of this from now on!!!

Saturday was our first wedding at Belle Meade Plantation for a friend of mine from college. It was b-e-a-utiful!! The weather was perfect {which is good seeing as how the the ceremony and parts of the reception were outside!}! Ashley has been planning this  for over a year and you could definitely tell! It was so beautiful, so put together, so many details, and SO much fun!!! I didn't get a whole lotta pictures because we were having so much fun, but here are a few....

Her colors were black, white, green, and pink - which was awwwesome, btw! Her pictures were done my Myric Studios, so I highly recommend you checking them out when they are posted....they were fantastic!

But here are my not so great pictures....

Cocktail hour...
Stupid Camera.....
 Me and my BFF
 She had these little "F" pillows all over the couches throughout the carriage house
 the AWESOME cake!!! I mean, wow.....I never really wanted an extravagant cake....didn't really see the need...until I saw this cake....I mean how great would that have been with green on it for me?!?! Right!??! Gorgeous!! And it was yuuuuummy too!!!
 With the beautiful bride!
 we enjoyed ourselves!
 First Dance
 Then right before we left for wedding numero dos on Sunday, I went to let Miss Maylie in.....and this is where I found her, too cute!!
 The second wedding was the wedding of some good friends of ours who actually got married in Santorini, Greece 2 weeks ago! And lemme tell you those pictures are UH-MAZ-ING!! Such a gorgeous place and such a gorgeous couple! They had a small reception in their backyard in Franklin for their close friends and family. it was such a fun time and scrumptious food! I love love love greek food and they had all kinds of it in honor of the bride! Sadly, I didn't get too many pictures because my lovely camera died...but here are a few:

The gorgeous bride in dress number one, she put on her "party dress" later on....and it was a hot little one strap white number from Cache' and she looked awesome!!
 Me and the hubs!
 little close up
 They passed out shots of Ouzo to cheers before we did the traditional Greek wedding dance {which we all proceeded to do about 3 times}......and for those of you who have never tried Ouzo, wow. That is all I have to say, wow.
 So, put aside the way the weekend ended it was an awesome wedding weekend!! I am so excited for all of my friends and their new marriages and that we got to be a part of their special day!!!