Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - And the birthday re-cap!

It's Wednesday and it is time for me to play Wishful Wednesday!!! Sadly it has been a while, but I had to play with this week's topic:

'I wish' .... I could come home to
THIS (pictured above) bedroom each and every night!!
I want to live in this bedroom! Literally live. All my meals are to be served here, when guests come over we will hang out here, I will tell my boss I am now working from home. It will be absolutely delightful!! :) Don't you agree?!?! the weird thing is this room has white walls and I have always been a person that loathes white walls, but this works. So soothing, welcoming, comforting AND it has teals and greens - my two faves! I just heart it!!!
But what would make it better, you ask?? Having this view:

or maybe this one...
I die.
Now head over to Kelsey's and link up and play along....maybe you'll get some inspirations! :)

On to the Birthday Boy's Birthday Recap:

It was absolutely delightful and exactly how I like to spend my Tuesday evenings! :) We started out at Germantown Cafe for some pre-dinner cocktails with 2 of our good friends....
 {and letmejustsay....this place is fabooolous! I have been there before, but it has been a while and we went a few weeks ago with the in-laws and my gawd...soooo goood!! I ate and ate and ate and everything I tasted was better than the last! I highly recommend it!}

Trey trying to drive me crazy because I am taking his picture entertain himself while I take is picture.. :)

Me and Meridith

Next, we headed a few streets over to Monell's for dinner. This place is awesome! It is a family style restaurant, big table seating with other parties/strangers who become new friends, TONS of food passed around the table, and it is BYOB. How fun is that?!?! Well, my hubs is a good old fashioned southern boy and loves nothing more than good old fashioned southern food and this is DEFINITELY the place for it!

How cute is it? The house was built in 1880 and has a little courtyard to the side, I love it!

 Trey already boozing it up before we get seated.....totally kidding... :)

Dawn sampling the beets {bleh! my mom loves them and got Dawn to love them so we had to document it for the moms. :)}

Trey's massive country boy plate of food!
We had beet salad, cole slaw {I don't even like cole slaw and I had 3 helpings!}, cucumber and onion salad, fresh biscuits, cornbread, baked beans, turnip greens, corn pudding, mashed potatoes, green beans, pot roast, spinach lasagna, and their famous fried chicken {soooo good, not greasy - just crispy goodness!}, and banana pudding for dessert. Whew, I am exhausted writing all that.. :) Needless to say none of moved for quite some time after dinner.
 And here is the mess that is the had some trouble being transported....I am going to blame it all on that.........I am sad I didn't get a picture before, I did a big UT "T" for the t in it is just a hot mess! But it still tasted good!!!
 singing "Happy Birthday to the Birthday boy!"
 And the best part, the inside.........
 It's checkerboard!! For any of you who don't know, orange and white checkerboard is like UT's is in their endzones, people have shirts, hats, dresses, whatever and LOVE it. Trey loves it so much he is continually trying to talk me into letting him paint our pool shed orange and white checkerboard {yeah, like that is ever going to happen...}. I was going to just do it orange and white striped and then I stumbled upon this kit thing at Micheal's and HAD to buy it ASAP!! The look on his face when I cut his piece, ahhh I LOVED IT! :) It made all the time and pain in my ass making it TOTALLY worth it! :)

Man, it really does look like a TOTAL mess in these pics.....there is wax paper under it that is covered in looks like a big green blob.......

 These are the "tickets" the give you, it's kind of blurry but says "I've eaten and I can't get up!" HA LOVE IT!!

Happy Birthday, my love!!!

And Happy Wednesday to all of you!!!



Christa said...

LOVE the bedroom!

Ashley said...

That room would be nice, but I know how I am, it would totally be covered in other little colors. There I'd go to paint my nails, and there all that pretty white would be painted as well! :D
This post has made me so hungry!! haha.. I have to wait awhile for lunch today.. I'm loving the cake by the way! How cool. I've never thought to do orange and white like that. Funny. Chocolate, sure, but never to color it orange. haha..

I also love your blog!

Lots of Smiles!

B said...

That room is DIVINE! I love it.

Natasha said...

what a cute cake!!! that is adorable and even better, GO VOLS! and yes, germantown cafe is incredible... their brunch is my fav in nashville!

Laura said...

I love the first View! That would be heavenly to be able to sit there with a glass of wine.

P.S. That cake is awesome. and as a UT (University of Texas) girl the orange and white works for me.

KW said...

love love LOVE your room pics and what a FUN birfday your hubs had!!! the cake looks DEWISH!!!

have a great rest of your wednesday my dear :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I have to admit your bedroom has been one of my favorites so far! The colors are calming, lines are clean, and the cutest sitting area for hubby and me!!