Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday - Graduation Time!!

It's Thursday otherwise known as, Thoughtless Thursday!

Since Nashville/my hotel is crazy right now due to Vanderbilt's Graduation I thought what a better topic for thoughtless Thursday!!! And also for the fact that my BFF/MOH is graduating from Grad School on Sunday! She is getting hooded and everything and I am soooooo proud of her!!!

Congrats, Laura!!! Love you!!!

Now back to our College Graduation from the A.MAZ.ING school that is The University of Mississippi, aka Ole Miss. The most fun 4 1/2 years of my life!!! Now don't get me wrong there was some tough times, some stressful times, some fights, some a lot of lessons learned, but also amazing life-long friendships, relationships, memories, and life lessons that made me who I am today and as cliche as it is, I wouldn't change a thing!!! Well, maybe my major.....but that is a whole 'nother post! :)

Now, I say 4 1/2 because I took a semester off {that may or may not have been completely my choice...} and then finished up in December of 2005 - pending my internship. And that internship is what led me to Nashville and my if I had changed said major I may not have met the hubs!! Any who, I had been living in Nashville for 6 months already and completed my internship. I was headed back to God's Country, aka, Oxford to spend 4 days with my favorite people in my favorite town and walk across that stage and complete the biggest accomplishment to date!!!

Please enjoy my array of pics! :)

The night before with the fam at my favorite restaurant on The Square!
more fam!

Right before the ceremony with my B-Ray....oh, how I miss my B-Ray!!!

{and please note that the night before it rained like no other and on into the next morning - each school has their ceremony at a different location and everything kept changing because so many were outside....times, locations, etc. - it was craziness!!!}
And please forgive my HUGE blue earrings....but lettmejusttellyou they were stylin' back in '06!!

With my Gram!! I was so lucky to have here there, it meant the WORLD to me!!

"Okay, Dad....stop with the pics....."

My spectacular parents!!
more fam...

The ceremony....and you can't see it here or maybe you can....The Ole Miss Hand Band did a performance of Natasha Beddingfield's "Unwritten".......I shit you not. I did not know until the day I graduated that Ole Miss even had a Hand Band! It was like the Happy Hands performance to "The Rose" in Napoleon Dynamite - which was very popular around that time, which led to the entire graduating classes snickering like 6th was awesome! :)

The Class of 2006!!!!!!

I'm gradjeated!!!!
{which in turn means I can't pull up my own dress to cover my bra....}

Celebration Time!!!
 {I clearly didn't get the pink memo.....}

My Laura!!

So there are a lot more and some interesting ones, letmetellyou....but these give you the idea.

Congratulations to any of you graduates out there!!!
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KW said...

what FUN graduation pics!!! i had fun "sharing" in your day with you :)

thanks for playing!!!