Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday - Alaska!!!

 It's Thursday so that means two things:
1. Tomorrow is Friday {and I am only working a half day 'cause the moms and the daddy are coming in town! yippee!!!}
2. It's Thoughtless Thursday!!! :)

Well, I have decided to share with you some pics from one of the MOST amazing vacations I have ever been on. Daddy surprised me, my bro, my mom, and my grandma with a 2 week trip to Seattle, Vancouver, and then a week long Alaskan cruise! It was the summer before my last semester of college and it was awhhhh-suuuuummmmm!!

We started out in Seattle for 3 days and got to enjoy a summer music festival....good times!
Me and my bro and the needle
music festival....sooo fun! :)
 And my fave....the Market! We shopped and lunched and had cocktails over looking the water, it was absolutely fabulous!
 and the flowers, oh my word, the flowers.....
I wanted them all......
 and they just keep going and going......
Our cruise! The Dawn Princess - and it was huge!
 Wine Tasting and my Daddy's rocking artistic camera skillz. :)
 Dinner with the Group....
 Yeah, I totally got pulled on stage to be a part of the ventriloquist show....the bird had a crush on me.....I was famous for the rest of the cruise.........and this was the first night :)
 see, told ya - The Dawn Princess!
 Ketchikan, AL - my favorite stop!
Such a cute fun little town!
And the name is fun to say too! {catch-i-can}

Our first of many glaciers {I believe this was Skagway....maybe..can't remember now}, see that little waterfall to the right.....we hiked over to it...
see! :) me and moms!
 then we hiked up the side of the glacier, see the small specs of people....that's daddy and the bro
 Next up Juneau and a helicopter ride to a glacier!
 I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love helicopters! I swore I would get my license after this tour.....still gonna do it!
 you just float around....
 then we stop here and get out....on a flippin' glacier!!!
how freakin' cool is that!?!?!

 our ride...
 coming back in....that's the Dawn
Formal night with Daddy!

 I got to pour the cham-pag-ne fountain!
Floating through Glacier Bay..
sooo cool!

Then we ended in Anchorage, stayed for a few days and then started the long hike home! :) It was with out a doubt of the coolest/most amazing/lucky things I have done! My Daddy rocks!!
And those are just a few of hundreds upon hundreds of pictures we have between me and my daddy {I get it from him}, hope you enjoyed! :)

Now head on over to Life in the Fulmer Lane and play along with Katie! :)


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