Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Love Hurts......

Hello blogging world!! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!! I will shortly explain why I was absent from said blogging world yesterday in just a bit - but first, my weekend.

My brother-in-law has decided to join The National Guard, it is something he has wanted to do for years and I think the time was just finally right for him....sooooo, he was in town for his physical Friday night. We went bowling with him {I, of course, won…..at least the fist game anyway…}

we then went downtown for some patio drinkin’ and some grub. The BIL called Saturday morning to let us know he passed with flying colors and had just been sworn in!! So, the hubs and I decided to celebrate with him and his lovely wife! Nothing like a cold celebratory beer on a sunny afternoon! :) We {we being the hubs and I} finished up the evening with some vino and scrabble...ahhh, married life. Sunday, I shopped a little for the hubs’ birthday next week and also bought myself  a lovely new little camera.....
And can I just say, I heart getting new cameras!

Mine wasn't completely gone, but I have had it for over 2 years and lets just say I am not very easy on cameras.....but his one is pretty and small and just lovely! :) Then we rounded out the weekend with some grillin' out action over at some friends of ours. We then headed home for some couch time with the pups....and this is where my reason for being absent and reason for that lovely title comes about.....

We were cuddling every so sweetly on the couch, I was all curled up under his arm.
He says
“I love you, baby”
I respond with
“I love you too, honey!”
As soon as it came out of my mouth I went to give him a smooch…..he also, at that very moment, decides to kiss me on my forhead…..we collide and I take his scruffy chin into my bare eye ball.....it was immediate freak-out pain!! The scruffy bearded chin scratched the heck out of my eye ball!! My eye poured out water for 3 hours, which of course sent my sinuses and allergies into a tizzy, all the while the hubs is doing everything he can and repeatedly saying,
"honey, I am so sorry" and "baby, I feel so bad!"
It was a mess!

So, I wake up yesterday morning and forgot about it and went to give my eyes a good wake-up rub and my. gawd. the pain.!! I had yet another freak out and then attempted to get ready.....I say attempted because it is not easy to get ready, i.e. put on make up when one eye with not stop with the watering!! But as I have said previously.....I love mascara, I hate leaving the house without it.....so I did what I could! Anyway, to shorten this probably very long/boring story, I spend the morning at work and the afternoon at the doctor, got meds and proceeded to whine most of last evening. Good news is there is not so much watering today so I am not as scary to look at, bad news is it still hurts!

But the ever so amazingly sweet hubs sent me this:
followed up by an e-mail with the subject line saying Dinner Menu and this

For dinner tonight:
Bow-tie pasta topped with an Italian chicken red sauce.

Afterwards, we will drink'a the wine, and make'a the love.

-Chef Frankarelli

{side note, we  I watched Jerseyliscious last night and he kept talking with an Italian accent to drive me crazy, which really means it makes me laugh. a lot.}
So, that made me smile with my one good eye and laugh out loud,
And let me just say for the 100 billionth time..... I LOVE THAT MAN!!! That being said I will be a little more cautious during cuddle time next time!
Happy Tuesday, lovely ladies!! :)


Lindsey said...

don't you just love how boys know how to get under our skin but make us smile and laugh at the same time! i hope your eye feels better soon sarah!

Will and Carley said...

so sweet to hear wives brag on how much they LOVE their husbands! sometimes we just can't keep it inside, its adorable, don't ever stop =) and I too, have no green thumb at all. I am pretty sure I am about to get a nansty letter from our neighbors begging us to at least put some new pinestraw down. But we can't be career women, amazing wives, stylish dressers AND good in the yard. love your blog, Miss Sarah!