Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to The Hubs!!!!

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday deeeaarrrr Frankie,
Happy Birthday toooo yoooooouuuuuuu!!!

Can you guess what today day is my blogging friends?!? That's right, today is my awesome, sexy, amazing, sweet, loving, funny, caring, hard-working hubs' day-o-birth!! :) And I don't know about any of you wifeys out there, but I just do not think it is fair okay that I have to be and work rather than celebrating with him all day!! But clearly they don't ask me when they are making the rules! Whatev.

Any who, I have had a long morning already! I was up at 5:30 this morning {and if you don't know already....I am NOT a morning person. These eyes have not seen 5:30 in the morning since the day we left for our honeymoon - and that was okay because, well duh - we were going to Costa Rica! Otherwise, all I see is the back of my eyelids at 5:30!}, I was up this early to make the hubs his annual Birthday Breakfast in Bed. Yes, every year we have been together I have gotten my lazy-not-a-morning-person-butt outta bed to make him a scrumptious birthday breakfast to be served up in bed! Well this year came super early because he decided that he was going to go work really really early...i.e. leave the house at 6:30. Now come on Frankie, why must you do this do me? You know I have surprises up my sleeves...... :)

So, I woke up exactly one minute before my alarm was set to go off....go figure! I make something different every year, last year it was strawberry pancakes, year before french toast with strawberries, year before that a strawberry shortcake type thing....notice a patterne here? The boy loooooves strawberries, but I thought I would mix things up and make him his cinnamon rolls he loves so much. So I made a pretty tray with eggs, bacon, coffee, and his cinnamon rolls with candles in them! :) Sang Happy Birthday and we all (including the pups) hung out in bed and then opened presents!

Ahhhhh, I love birthdays!!

We are going to dinner with some friends where I will bring the awesome cake I made for him.....there is a special little surprise in the cake and I cannot wait to show it to him.....pics to come tomorrow!

In the mean time here are some of my fav pics of the hubs and some that are just the reason why I love this man and why he hates my camera so much..... :)

Vegas...tired of the camera....
 Vegas again....good times....
 my sweet sweet boys!
 on our honeymoon getting chauffeured to our villa :)
 sunset cruise on the honeymoon {can I please go back there....please!?}
 with our friend Ted at the bar on our honeymoon
 shots! flavored tequila...mmmmmm!!!
 at the honky tonks after our wedding, shots of jack for everyone! this really is one of my fav pics ever! :) so us!
 he makes me laugh! :)
 i got him a UT snuggie for Christmas...he LOVES it!
 UT Bowl game in ATL on NYE
 we entertain ourselves... :)
 when Ole Miss was beating UT this past season!!! AWESOME DAY!
 Playin' his air drums - which he does all. the. time.
 one of my FAVES!!!
 Tacky Bathing Suit party where he proceeded to walk around poking his gut out there like that all. day. I laughed every single time I looked at him! :)
 he is good at making new friends.
 St. Patrick's Day
 He loves him some Jack Daniels!
 His surprise birthday party I threw for him last year! :)
 Number 1!
 My 80s themed birthday party.....yeah, we totally matched without telling each other what we were wearing! This was also the day after he proposed....soooo happy!! :)
 Right after he proposed in front of a fountain in Opryland Hotel (tear.)
He LOOOOOVES him some UT football.....
 I wasn't kidding.....
 but only I can get him in some red and blue! :) He loves him some Rebels too! :)
 Ahhhhh, Cabo.....
 His first birthday with us being together {does that make sense?} we had only been together for like 2 months and I was already completely smitten!!
 the Zoo!!
 6 flags in ATL - ahhhh, how I love me some roller coasters!
 Prom Pose for Thanksgiving
 Now can you see why I love this man?!?!
Happy Birthday, Baby!!! I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!



Kenj said...

Awe.! You both look awesome and so in love.! I love the tacky bathing suit picture.! Happy Birthday to your hubby.!

KW said...

y'all are TOO cute! how'd i miss this post?!? his birfday is the day after mine!!! tell him happy birfday from a fellow birfday monther :) LOVE all the pics!!!