Monday, May 24, 2010

Big News Monday!!

Happy Monday to all of you out there in blogger world!
I hope everyone had a delightful weekend - I had just about the best weekend a girl could have! :)

It started off with me getting a phone call from an amazing company on Friday morning to come in to "see what we could put together", then I got off work at 12 just in time for my parent's to get in town - we had lunch, and then I headed to the wonderful said company where they proceeded to....drum roll please....offer me a new job!!!! Yeeeessssssssss!!! I got a new job, a job I am REALLY excited about, a job I can grow with, a job where I can make a lot of money if I work hard, a job at an AWESOME company (where the CEO is an Ole Miss graduate - just an added bonus!!!), a job that I had to work for, and most importantly a job that is not in the hospitality business!!! This has been like a 2 month process with stress and worry and hope and excitement and it all came to a joyous end on Friday and my parent's just happened to be in town! How perfect is that!?

We immediately had a celebratory happy hour and then headed to Mama Mia's {a fabulous little family owned Italian restaurant - you would miss it if you weren't looking for it, but it is sooooooo good!!} for the hubs' birthday dinner/new job celebration dinner.

They have a mural painted on the outside wall....and we were entertaining ourselves while waiting on our table......Trey reading the paper with his new friend....

 .......ourselves....., it was good....I want some now....tummy is growling!
 Then we headed home for more celebratory cocktails with some friends who just moved into their first home - it was a weekend FULL of celebrations! :)

Trey loving him some Maylie! :)
 The moms and Rudy-Toot
 Mr. Man's schnoz
 The Taylors!
 Random ladder poking out the side....
 after the Champagne.... :)
 me and my lovely momma!
Celebratory Jack Shots.....
 Notice the ladies are taking their time.....

 The Saturday mom and I headed to get some mani pedis and do a little shopping. And let me just add, I got one of OPI's new colors, Dim Sum Plum, on my fingers and I am obsessed! I {heart} it!!!
This lovely little color will be making a fabulous new addition to my collection!

Then we headed over The Taylors' to check out the new digs....we brought all kind of appetizers and wine to enjoy the fabulous afternoon....

The lovely couple, so excited for them! LOVE their new crib! :)

Yesterday, I got some pool action, {sadly not our pool, I am hoping we will have that open by this weekend! :)}, and then we went to some friend's house to help them break in their new smoker with some smoked chicken {and was gooooooo--oooooooddd!! :)} and watch The Celebrity Apprentice Finale.....Bret won, YAY!!

This morning I have gave my boss my notice and it was hard, really hard. I do love the people I work with, so this was hard for me. She was so supportive and happy for me all while trying to do what she could to keep me and get me to stay! It was a really good feeling to know she did appreciate me so much! But now, I will be spending the next two weeks going through my files and passing things is sad, but SOOOOO exciting!!! :)

Happy Monday Folks!!!



Unknown said...

and i love the nail polish color :)

Natasha said...

Congrats on the new job!! So exciting and P.S. I LOVE Mama Mia's!!!