Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City....

I saw it.....yes, after a few glasses of wine me and my bff, Laura, decided we should go to the midnight showing {and yes, I know what you are thinking....yes, we both already have tickets to go with all of girlfirends tonight, but it was the midnight showing people!!}. So, to the midnight showing we did go......

mmmmm, buttery popcorn at midnight!

that is all I will say for now......until all of you lovely ladies go and see it.....and we can all chat about it......don't want to ruin it for anyone! :)


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday- The Best Dates...and a little workout action...

It's Tuesday....and that means...... 2 MORE DAYS UNTIL SEX AND THE CITY!!!! ....can you tell I am excited??!?!?

Okay, so before I get on to my top 2 dates I must share my workout action this week! I went to my first Zumba class last night and I love it! The only thing....I am going to have to buy a better sports bra, ifyaknowwhatImean.... :).

And tonight, I have my first Yoga class! I have never done Yoga before, but I am pretty excited about it! Wish me luck....who knows, maybe after a few classes I can start doing this......


 Okay, on to....

My Top 2 Dates are:

1. Since I can only pick two I am going to go with our 2 year anniversary for my first one.

Trey was uber secretive the entire day, wouldn't tell me anything and really wouldn't talk to me for that matter. So I get home from work, he is already there totally dressed up with a big smile on his face and asks if I am ready to go.....I quickly change with a big smile on my face and jump in the car to start pondering what exactly we were doing. I thought of all kind of crazy stuff and I never guessed it! We started out for drinks at Jackson's on their lovely patio {it was a b-e-a-utiful day in March}, this was also where he took me before my surprise Birthday Party just a few months earlier.
We get in the car and he takes the longest way possible to get to the restaurant to throw me off, he kept teasing me and messing with me to confuse me. Then we get there, we get to Flemmings.........
Flemmings is where we had our first date..........2 years from that date! He had told the waitress already and we had pretty much had the same meal we had back then and it was soooo romantic and soooo fabulous! We then proceeded to head to Dan McGuiness for some after dinner drinks....which is also exactly what we did on our first date. Trey re-lived our first date with perfection! It was so nice, so romantic, so thoughtful, and obviously memorable! Awww, I love that man!!!

2.Well, I was gonna go with the date night he proposed....but then I thought, duh....obviously that was a SUPERB night, let's be more creative. I have to say, some of my most favorite dates nights are our movie nights!
I actually talked about it a few week's ago on Taylor's Top 2 splurges here. I love going to the movies. Love it! We normally go to a restaurant close to the theater...get something lite to eat {who am I kidding I get something lite and hubs gets a steak!:)}, several some cocktails, and chat about our day/week. We then head over to the theater where I proceed to by the biggest and butteriest tub of popcorn, some candy, and a diet coke which we then proceed to spike with some Jack Daniels... :).
We get into the theater, eat our weight in popcorn and candy and then start cuddling up! I just love it, laid back & lots of time together!

So those are my top two.....we have had some awesome dates including going to see our favorites bands and going to watch football {some of our favorite things to do} but these are the kinds dates that are just about us! :)

Now head over to Taylor's and link up to play along!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Big News Monday!!

Happy Monday to all of you out there in blogger world!
I hope everyone had a delightful weekend - I had just about the best weekend a girl could have! :)

It started off with me getting a phone call from an amazing company on Friday morning to come in to "see what we could put together", then I got off work at 12 just in time for my parent's to get in town - we had lunch, and then I headed to the wonderful said company where they proceeded to....drum roll please....offer me a new job!!!! Yeeeessssssssss!!! I got a new job, a job I am REALLY excited about, a job I can grow with, a job where I can make a lot of money if I work hard, a job at an AWESOME company (where the CEO is an Ole Miss graduate - just an added bonus!!!), a job that I had to work for, and most importantly a job that is not in the hospitality business!!! This has been like a 2 month process with stress and worry and hope and excitement and it all came to a joyous end on Friday and my parent's just happened to be in town! How perfect is that!?

We immediately had a celebratory happy hour and then headed to Mama Mia's {a fabulous little family owned Italian restaurant - you would miss it if you weren't looking for it, but it is sooooooo good!!} for the hubs' birthday dinner/new job celebration dinner.

They have a mural painted on the outside wall....and we were entertaining ourselves while waiting on our table......Trey reading the paper with his new friend....

 .......ourselves....., it was good....I want some now....tummy is growling!
 Then we headed home for more celebratory cocktails with some friends who just moved into their first home - it was a weekend FULL of celebrations! :)

Trey loving him some Maylie! :)
 The moms and Rudy-Toot
 Mr. Man's schnoz
 The Taylors!
 Random ladder poking out the side....
 after the Champagne.... :)
 me and my lovely momma!
Celebratory Jack Shots.....
 Notice the ladies are taking their time.....

 The Saturday mom and I headed to get some mani pedis and do a little shopping. And let me just add, I got one of OPI's new colors, Dim Sum Plum, on my fingers and I am obsessed! I {heart} it!!!
This lovely little color will be making a fabulous new addition to my collection!

Then we headed over The Taylors' to check out the new digs....we brought all kind of appetizers and wine to enjoy the fabulous afternoon....

The lovely couple, so excited for them! LOVE their new crib! :)

Yesterday, I got some pool action, {sadly not our pool, I am hoping we will have that open by this weekend! :)}, and then we went to some friend's house to help them break in their new smoker with some smoked chicken {and was gooooooo--oooooooddd!! :)} and watch The Celebrity Apprentice Finale.....Bret won, YAY!!

This morning I have gave my boss my notice and it was hard, really hard. I do love the people I work with, so this was hard for me. She was so supportive and happy for me all while trying to do what she could to keep me and get me to stay! It was a really good feeling to know she did appreciate me so much! But now, I will be spending the next two weeks going through my files and passing things is sad, but SOOOOO exciting!!! :)

Happy Monday Folks!!!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday - Alaska!!!

 It's Thursday so that means two things:
1. Tomorrow is Friday {and I am only working a half day 'cause the moms and the daddy are coming in town! yippee!!!}
2. It's Thoughtless Thursday!!! :)

Well, I have decided to share with you some pics from one of the MOST amazing vacations I have ever been on. Daddy surprised me, my bro, my mom, and my grandma with a 2 week trip to Seattle, Vancouver, and then a week long Alaskan cruise! It was the summer before my last semester of college and it was awhhhh-suuuuummmmm!!

We started out in Seattle for 3 days and got to enjoy a summer music festival....good times!
Me and my bro and the needle
music festival....sooo fun! :)
 And my fave....the Market! We shopped and lunched and had cocktails over looking the water, it was absolutely fabulous!
 and the flowers, oh my word, the flowers.....
I wanted them all......
 and they just keep going and going......
Our cruise! The Dawn Princess - and it was huge!
 Wine Tasting and my Daddy's rocking artistic camera skillz. :)
 Dinner with the Group....
 Yeah, I totally got pulled on stage to be a part of the ventriloquist show....the bird had a crush on me.....I was famous for the rest of the cruise.........and this was the first night :)
 see, told ya - The Dawn Princess!
 Ketchikan, AL - my favorite stop!
Such a cute fun little town!
And the name is fun to say too! {catch-i-can}

Our first of many glaciers {I believe this was Skagway....maybe..can't remember now}, see that little waterfall to the right.....we hiked over to it...
see! :) me and moms!
 then we hiked up the side of the glacier, see the small specs of people....that's daddy and the bro
 Next up Juneau and a helicopter ride to a glacier!
 I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love helicopters! I swore I would get my license after this tour.....still gonna do it!
 you just float around....
 then we stop here and get out....on a flippin' glacier!!!
how freakin' cool is that!?!?!

 our ride...
 coming back in....that's the Dawn
Formal night with Daddy!

 I got to pour the cham-pag-ne fountain!
Floating through Glacier Bay..
sooo cool!

Then we ended in Anchorage, stayed for a few days and then started the long hike home! :) It was with out a doubt of the coolest/most amazing/lucky things I have done! My Daddy rocks!!
And those are just a few of hundreds upon hundreds of pictures we have between me and my daddy {I get it from him}, hope you enjoyed! :)

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