Friday, April 2, 2010

We're Famous!! ........& Happy Easter!!

Okay, so not really....but we did get an awesome wedding write up thanks to my ever so fabulous photographer, Hannah Elaine! She asked if I would be interested back in February, and jumped all over it....I mean really, what girl doesn't want the opportunity to gush about her big day!??! Especially in print! With pictures! This Girl Does!! (to be said with both of my thumbs pointing back at me).

It is in the April/May issue of Southern Inspired Magazine, a lovely little magazine based out of Nashville that talks about all things southern and how fabulous it is to be southern! :) The have just started their "Bride Pages" and I do believe we are the firsts! You can check out the online copy here. :) YAY!!!

The hubs and I have quite the full weekend! The In-Laws are coming in town this afternoon to do a little car shopping, then early tomorrow  morning we are headed to Lafayette, TN (a tiny, tiny, one stop light town an hour from Nashville) to have an early Easter Brunch with the hubs side of the family....and of course they are all dying to meet Miss Maylie Lou!! Then we have to hurry home to meet some friends at our house at 1:30 where our limo (because that's how we roll :) ) will be picking us up to head to Arrington Vineyards for a friend's engagement party! Super pumped about this one! Then of course church Sunday and hopefully some yard work Sunday afternoon! Whew, I am getting exhausted already!!

Happy Easter to everyone!!
Hope you all have an absolutely lovely Easter Weekend!!

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Little Spoon said...

Hey, I'm from Lafayette! Small world. Hope y'all have a great weekend :)