Monday, April 5, 2010

Vino anyone??

Happy Monday and Happy Gawgeous Spring Weather!!!
(At least to the Nashville peeps! :))

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend! I know I did, and I also know I was wishing around 6:30 this morning that it would last a little longer! As mentioned in my post here, we had an engagement party out at Arrington Vineyards on Saturday.........and letmejusttellyou - it was Awh-some! For any of you local Nashville folk, if you haven't been there, I highly recommend it! It is free, beautiful, and a fabulous way to spend an afternoon/evening!

We rented a limo for several reasons: there was a bunch of us, it is about 25 minutes away, and it was a vineyard - which means lots o'wine! Needless to say, it was a great idea and we all had an absolute blast! I got a little camera happy so here are several to document our Saturday.....
the ladies

the men

me and the hubs

the par-tay!

the view!

a very cool picture of the the lovely Mrs. Taylor!

then we thought it was a good idea to start cheerleading tricks......

my strong man....notice the fear in my face...



this is what happens when Mrs. Taylor and I are let loose at a vineyard... :)

The Wine Tasting

Again, if you are local - go! They have have live music 3 or 4 nights a week (always on Saturdays), you can bring some grub, buy a bottle of wine (or 2), sit back and relax while enjoying the beautimous views! Okay now that I am done being a sales rep for them......

We spent most of the day yesterday laying on a blanket at the lovely Centennial Park looking at this

(I heart this place)
with the pups. I am telling you this weather, just makes me smile all the time! :) Otto loves the park and always has, so we make a point to go anytime the weather cooperates...which these days, it's all the time! :) Maylie is loving the park as well, she made several new friends yesterday! I will end with this absolutely adorable picture of her being our co-pilot on the way to the park! :)



Natasha said...

Oh I love Arrington!! Such a perfect night getaway with friends... we are planning another picnic night out there ASAP!

KW said...

holy schmack the cuteness of that pup, i just CAN'T STAND IT! also, the vino (and the trip) look LOVERLY!!! :)