Monday, April 19, 2010

Trip to the Sip!!

Happy Monday Folks!!!
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend enjoying the lovely weather that is Spring!!!
I know I did!!

As previously mentioned, the hubs and the pups and I took a weekend trip to good ole' Mississippi to see my folks. My parents now live in North Mississippi which is pretty much Memphis, so we have a good time when we go! That being said, if you go past the month of April you know you are in Mississippi when you get out of the car - meaning the humidity and sticky hotness smacks you in the face - and I am not exaggerating - and then there are the crazy mosquitoes MS breeds!! I warned my friends and hubby on their first trips to MS in the summer and they didn't believe me....well, they quickly learned it is a whole nother kinda hot there!! :)
Okay, now that I have gone waaaaaaaay off track, my point was - we got to enjoy my parent's lovely patio as well as the lovely patios of a few watering holes which is rare when we visit. It was a relaxing, beautiful, family-filled, over-eating trip!! Maylie had a HUGE time! Her and Mr. Man were spoiled like crazy, like any grand baby should be!! :) I have a TON of pics of the pup, but not very many of anything else because my camera died and I am a slacker who didn't bring her charger!! GASP!!! I know, it will never happen again!! But good news is I found my camera cord!! :) One of these days I am going to buy a grown up camera.........

On to the massive amounts of puppy pics!!
{And PS, she has grown 1 inch taller and 2 inches longer in a week!!!}

 So sweet, slept the whole trip!

Daddy playing with the little one...doesn't she look innocent?!?!

She kept trying to go upstairs and I wouldn't let her, well I underestimated the power of her sneakiness and caught her coming down the stairs...I walked over and in my meanest/disappointed voice said, "Maaaayliee!!!" and she just stopped walking perked her ears and did this.......

I mean, how can you be mad at that?!?!?! And she does it every time she is in trouble!!
"what?! I didn't do anything!"
 Such a smart/sneaky little girl!!!

She LOVED my mother's garden! My mom has ALL kinds of plants, bushes, and decorations in her back yard and little Maylie Lou thought she was in a jungle!! It really was the cutest thing and I was cursing myself for not having a video camera because these pictures do not do it justice. She was bouncing and pouncing and running around and all over everything!!! It was great entertainment for all of us!!

Then she found the waterfall and decided she needed to drink it....and then play in it.....

Then when she was good and soaking wet she decided to lay and roll around in the black mulch...

The boys are chillin' and relaxin'

{and actin' all cool while shootin' some b-ball outside the school, when a couple a guys -they were up to no good, starting making trouble in my neighborhood, I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said "you movin' with aunty and uncle in Bel Air"!  - okay sorry, i couldn't help myself....}

Any Maylie could not have that......

Then she found a big stick, and sweet sweet big brother waiting patiently for her to drop it so he could snag it!!! Which she did, then he did!

Then she got her first big girl bath!!!

Then cuddled up with a bone! :)

We spent Friday afternoon at Silky O'Sullivan's - the most fabulous Irish Bar! Live music, beautiful weather, and live goats....yes, goats! But sadly the goat was at the doctor with kidney stones on this lovely day.....I couldn't make that this stuff up!

So here is me, the hubs, and the moms trying to remember how to use my timer....

Got it!!! Then.....then, camera died.....

So the rest are with my not-so-fabulous-camera on my iPhone.....

We stopped at the Lorraine Motel, which I have never been to.....with ALL the times I have been to Memphis I never knew where it was and we just kind of stumbled upon it. Sadly the Civil Rights Museum was closing as we got there, but we will definitely go back next time!

So sad, the only pic I got with my precious little niece, Arin!! Us on yet another patio! :)
LOOOOVE this little girl!!!! She is 9 going on 30.

I heart this pic!!
Otto is very worried because Trey is packing up the car and he is ssooooooooo worried we aren't going to take him with us and little Maybellene is just staring up at him wondering what is wrong!
Sooo sweeeeeettt!!!!

Then, last night we decided to grill out on yes, you guessed it, another patio and Trey found this in our grill!!

And it was covered!!! And we just used it last weekend!! The suckers work fast!!!

So, that was our little weekend!!!

Happy Monday and I hope everyone has a superb week!!!



Alissa said...

Looks like a great weekend. Your doggy looks like he enjoyed himself just as much as the rest of you. Sweet pics.

Kenj said...

Loved all the pictures.! Looks like you had a GREAT time.!

d.a.r. said...

your sweet puppy is SO cute!! Looks like you had a great weekend!