Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday - My BFFs

Well, I have spent the majority of the day e-mailing back and forth with my 3 best friends trying to schedule a weekend girls trip to the beach. And let me just say, life gets in the way waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too much!! Who knew it would be this hard to get 4 girls together? Between weddings, graduations, showers, engagement parties, work, and making sure the condo is available it is harder than h-e-double hockey sticks to get this planned!!! Two of us live here and the other two live in Jackson, MS - a whopping 6 hours away - which doesn't always make for the easiest weekend roadtrip! We try to plan girls weekends every couple months and meet somewhere in the middle. With all the parties and fun stuff with my wedding last year I got spoiled and had the 4 of us together all the flippin' time! It was splendid.....but now, it has been since November since all 4 of us have been together and that just isn't okay with me!! Does anyone else have this problem?!?!?

With all that being said.....I am dedicating my Thoughtless Thursday to my 4 longest BFFs!


We have been friends since High School, I have lived with all of them at some point, and we have been through it all - no seriously, you have no idea! I miss the 2 that don't live here terribly and am lucky to have one less than 5 miles from me!!!

So, here they are (please forgive some of these not so flattering pictures :))

Back in high school, man we were young!
(And I swear that is not a beer in Meredith's hand.....)

Oh, how I miss college
(I have a billion from college, but not on this computer, sad :()
 Missing Laura!

Fresh out of college and new to the fabulous city that is Nashvegas!!
Missing Mer!

Missing Katie P!

Cheers! Tequila is always a good idea! :)


Grovin' it for the Ole Miss/South Carolina Game
(Missing  Meredith, she is an LSU, MS State, and TN fan.....pretty much anything besides Ole Miss!)

Gatlinburg in December with a frozen fruity drink....only Katie!

With the moms about to go wedding dress shopping for me!! :)

My Engagement Party 

My Bachelorette Party with ALL the girls!

The Rehearsal Dinner

My beautiful and lovely ladies on the most amazing day. Ever.

Ole Miss/Tennessee Game
And PS, it was the most awesomest day (next to the day noted above, of course)Final Score....42-17, Ole Miss! Can't believe Meredith is smiling in this picture! :)

I cannot tell you how many more pictures I have of these lovely ladies, in fact my husband continues to tell me I have, no honey, it is never enough! Cross your fingers for me that we will get something worked out in the near future and I can add dozens more to my fabulous, ever growing, collection!

Now head on over to Katie's Blog Life in the Fulmer Lane and post your Thoughtless Thursday Pics!


Kristin said...

CUTE CUTE! It looks like you and your friends have so much fun together! Great photos, girlie! Happy Thoughtless Thursday!

KW said...

how FUN! i used to be a katie p, how funny! :) pre-fulmer days of course!

and i LOVE girl time, you've made me miss some of my not-so-close friends as well!!!

happy thoughtless thursday pretty girl!!!

The Undomestic Mom said...

love it!

Summer said...

How fun....I just heart your blog! Now a follower! I love girl time! I have two besties that I have known FOREVER one since I was 3 and one since Jr. those girls.....

Have a Happy Thoughtless Thursday
SUmmer :0)

Jen said...

Cute post! I just found your blog through Katie's; it's adorable!

Unknown said...

I like your bachelorette and wedding pictures!!