Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday - Bachelorette Par-tay!

Yes, it is that time again! Time for Thoughtless Thursday!!
Katie, over at Life in the Fulmer Lane (who hosts this fun little game), blogged about her SIL, or as she likes to call her, SILLY's bachelorette party. I have some friends coming in town for a bachelorette party this weekend and I have never posted about my I decided to play along with the trend and share some pics from mine!

My fabulous, amazing, delightful, fun, crazy, awesome, loving, caring friends hosted my bachelorette party in the lovely city that is New Orleans!! Growing up in Mississippi I was able to make roadtrips there quite often & with one of my BFF's parents have a condo we took full advantage!! Being all the way up here in Nashvegas I can't take so many roadtrips, but thanks to my dear friends at Southwest I can now hop on a plane and an hour and half later I am in the Big Easy!! And I LOVE IT!!!! Really, I absolutely heart New Oreans!!

We went down there over Labor Day weekend last year. Shortly after we booked it all we found out that weekend was also Decadence Festival....which is a Gay Pride Festival....needless to say that made for a fun and interesting Bachelorette Par-tay!! :)

My Spread! I have AWESOME friends!!!

There is a really funny story behind this pick....key word being behind. Check out the couple to the left of me, they were the strangest couple and made-out like that pretty much on the table the entire time we were at dinner! It was actually pretty entertaining to all of us, so we had to get a pic.....our faces completely describe it! :)


 More Hurricanes! With my MOH.

 In our VIP section.....but they kept telling us we weren't suppose to be in....don't they know who we are?! :)

The next day....not so pretty! :)

 My Katie P!

 My lovely MOH hosting the "He Said, She Said" game, so fun!

 Opening presents!!! The girls did good! :)

 My spread again, with more lovely favors...notice the lovely cake...

This is what happens when you are a bachelorette......please forgive me.... :)

 And of course my lovely B-Ray had to come!

Here we go!

 Dinner at The Bourbon House, soooooo good!

Cocktails at The W Hotel at Whiskey Blue - love love love this lounge, it is a must everytime I got to NOLA!

Yes, we were kind of a big deal! :)

So that was my Bachelorette Party! It was such in awesome weekend full of memories with my favorites! A few that were not able to make it were missed, but we brought home souvenirs! I have amazing friends and I am so lucky and blessed to have each and every one of them!!

Now head over to Katie's Blog and share your Thoughtless Thursday!



New Mommy!!! said...

LOVED these pics!! Look like you had a blast!!

Love your blog!!

KW said...

yay! thanks for playing, it looks like you had SO much fun! and looked ADORABLE doing it i might add!!! :)

Amy Silver said...

Looks like SO much fun!

Kate said...

This looks like an awesome party! I love your black and white dress! So cute!

Jennie said...

So cute!!!

Natasha said...

New Orleans is on my list of potential cities for my bach party too!!! This looks soo much fun and I have yet to go there, except when I was younger so I think this may be jumping to the top of my list!