Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pure Genius!!

Happy Hump Day to all!!

Today would normally be my Wishful Wednesday post, but sadly this week's topic does not pertain to is about the show, Glee, and I have yet to add that to my ever-growing list of shows to sadly, I cannot play today :(.

But as I was reading through my {also ever growing} blog lists I found an absolutely genius idea on one of my fave new blogs! The blog I am referring to is Aesthetic Oiseau, which is all things interior design, DIY, and decorating. I love all the pics and ideas she gives!! If you like any of the said descriptions, do check her blog out! This lovely little blog just introduced me to yet another new blog I will be following {told ya, ever growing!}, High-Heeled Foot in the Door. This girl came up with this fabulous idea to make your own rug!!

I mean look at this.....I can't believe she made it! And it is something anyone can do!!
You can check out the uber simple step by step directions here!

As most of you know the hubs and I have been re-doing several rooms in the house, which you can read about here and here. I have had quite the dilemma finding a rug that I love AND does not break our budget {which has been quite the task for our bedrooms}, so this is absolute genius to me!! I have already sent the info to momma and let her know this will be our next project to start ASAP!! I love it!!

On another note, one of my BFFs was given free tickets to Bon Jovi tonight, so we thought, what the hell?!!? So, will be rocking out to all things 80s tonight.....should be interesting! :) Pics to come tomorrow!!

Have a fabulous Wednesday, Ladies!!


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KW said...

how adorable! what a clever idea!!! and how much FUN! bon jovi!!! have a great time and take LOTS of pics!!!