Friday, April 9, 2010

One Hot/Scary Mess

Okay, so I will admit it....I love "The Hills", always have, always will. I know it is the epitome of bad reality tv and what some people credit to "what is wrong with the world", but alas - I love it and can't help myself! And don't worry, my husband does not fail in giving my shit teasing me about it! :) The last season is starting at the end of the month and it does not look like it will let me down!

The reason for this post is a friend of mine sent me an article this morning about Heidi's "back scooping" procedure..........yes, you read that correctly, back scooping - really?!? Really, Heidi?!?!? WTF?!?! You can read about it here. Heidi Montag is seriously not right, she is has so many issues and all of them stemming to her crazy arse husband, Spencer Pratt (I despise the Pratt!). The poor girl has ruined her body and her life! And yes, I know them personally and I do have a psychology degree so I know what I am talking about....okay not really, but whatever! :) But really, anyone can see how awful this poor girl looks!

On the first season, she was a cute, sweet, girl next door..

Nothing wrong with her! It is beyond me why anyone that looked like this would think that she needed any kind of plastic surgery!!??!?

Then it went from bad.....

{picture from her music video filmed by her "manager" husband....that worked out well for her career. See, this is when I need a sarcasm font.}

to worse....

I mean look at her! She looks about 10 years older and flat out scary! She can't even smile. This pic was from an interview she did where she couldn't show any kind of facial expression.

It is sick, it really is!

This a before and after that was in US Weekly a while back.

Why? I mean really, why?!
It is just sad, it really is.

Okay, I will get off my tangent now! :) Happy Friday to everyone!! I hope you have a fabulous and lovely weekend!!!



Unknown said...

I so agree. She really has ruined her face... she was perfectly beautiful before! It's just so sad...

The Undomestic Mom said...

I totally agree! Cant wait to see the train wreck this season!!!!

Natasha said...

I hate to say it, but she looked sooo much better pre-surgery... she is going to turn into that woman who has surgery like every month and freaks small children out. How can anyone think that looks attractive???? GROSS

KW said...

love love LOVE the hills! and my mister too makes HUGE fun of me when i watch it (even though he has a crush on lc, ha!) i didn't watch last season when lc left bc she was my FAV, but after watching this trailor i think i MUST watch this season! do i need to go back and watch last season to understand do you think?

also, heidi. so sad. i always wanted her and lc to make up. and for spencer to be kicked to the curb/be beaten up by a 14 year old, since that's all it would take. she looks TERRIBLE!!!

Sarah said...

you definitely don't HAVE to watch the last season....but, if you watched Laguna Beach at all you will appreciate all the bitchiness that is Kristin! :) I'm sure MTV will be airing it 200 times between now and then, so you have plenty of time to get caught up! :)

Charlotte said...

haha! i love that you compared the befores and after!!!! that's great!! she really is so lost!!