Monday, April 12, 2010

Just a weekend full of yardwork.....

.........and a wedding on the side! :)

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend! I/we had a very productive one! We spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday in the yard - and that was only the front yard!! Sadly, we were slackers on the yard front last year {we had a wedding or engagement party or out of town EVERY single weekend until June!} I know, I know excuses, excuses. Well, we definitely paid for it this year! I spent all day Saturday cleaning out gutting out the beds in front and re-shaping them and the hubs attacked all the not-so-lovely weeds! Who knew such a little yard could take soooo much freakin' time?!?! During the 5th hour I was ready to trade in the yard and the pool for a condo!!

Then, Saturday night we went to a wedding at Belle Meade Plantation, I just love that place - such a beautiful place for a wedding! The weather was wonderful too, although it did get a little chilly towards the end of the night. I took several pictures but I seemed to have misplaced my camera cord.....and that is just no good! I am particularly annoyed because my cheesy-newlywed-self took a picture of the seating chart because it said Mr. and Mrs. B - a first for us! I know - you can gag now, but hey I only get to enjoy this for so long! :) The wedding was absolutely beautiful and so fun, the sweet new couple is laying on the beach and I am pretty jealous!!

Sunday, we went to church and then made our {what it seems to be, weekly} trip to Home Depot, and letmejusttellyou that place was hoppin'!!! It seems that every person in Nashville had our idea - so after about an hour or so and lots o'mula we were home and back in the dirt! We ripped out two bushes ugly dead looking things and replaced them with these very pretty Mandevilla on a trelllis' and they look soooo pirdy! I planted a TON of pink Petunias in beds on either side of our steps and purple ones all around this big tree in the front yard. I wanted to buy a ton more and thank god the hubs told me one thing at a time....because what I already had took for - ever! {to be said like the kid in the sandlot} :) The hubs also got those fabulous plastic liners to put around the beds and they make such a difference all clean and defined!! Such a handy little manly man I have! We are getting mulch to put in either today or tomorrow and then we will be done with the front!!! We are heading to good ole Mississippi this weekend to visit the folks for my lovely Mom's b-day {and so they can meet Maylie}, so the next weekend we will be tackling the back yard! Just in time to start thinking about opening the pool!!! There are a buch of beautiful plants already back there, they just need tidying up........well I say that, I didn't think the front yard would take as long..........

And on a side note, the pupster just went to the vet for her 2nd round of shots and the vet seems to think she has some Chihuahua in her.......what?!?! how?!? who?!?! no.....what?!?!? The Humane Society thought she was mixed with a Boxer. Now how do you get those two confused?!?! We know she has beagle, but not sure what else......her legs are so long.......but she has only grown an inch all the way around in a week {yes, I measured her....}. So....what do you think??!?!?! And none of these pictures show it very well because she is making faces at me in all of them, but she has a very wrinkled forehead too....which made me think who freakin' knows?!?!

Any thoughts, guesses, ideas?!??!

Happy Monday and Yay for it only being a 4-day work week for me!!! :)



Unknown said...

the rescue group we got our pup from told us he was a full beagle but we think Knox is half chihuahua too! He's now 6 months old and weighs 11 lbs. Definitely NOT a full beagle!! LOL. She is so cute- she would make a perfect girlfriend for Knox. :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to meet that cute little puppy... I won't put her down the whole time I'm there!!

We have a mandevilla (we named him Fred, because he is apparently gay and fabulous with those hot pink flowers) and it grows like crazy. We brought "him" into the house over the winter and he doesn't have any flowers right now but he survived quite well so I imagine he'll be blooming soon. I love him!