Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Best Momma Ever!!!!!!!

If you haven't already guessed it, today is my sweet sweet Momma's Birthday!!! Soooo, I am dedicating my entire post to the amazing woman that is my mom! Sadly, I don't get to see her today - but the hubs and pups and I are making the 3 hour trek to Mississippi/Memphis on Thursday! It has been since Christmas since I have been home and that is just not okay with me, so needless to say I am very excited about this relaxing weekend with the folks!! 3 more days, 3 more days!

Without further ado here is the tribute to momma!!! :)

At my brother's rehearsal dinner with my sweet SIL

Momma pourin' the champagne before we god wedding dress shopping - she rocks!!
 4 Generations at our Nashville Engagement party!
With my SIL in Vegas last year
 In Tunica for dinner with 2 of my bffs
 In Tunica right before the Dwight Yokam concert
 The hubs loving on her for cheering on UT at our Cookeville Engagement Party
Cocktails with mom and gram the day before the day before the wedding :)
 How beautiful is she?!??!
 I just love this pic, makes me smile!
 My Mom, Aunt, and Niece in the photobooth at the wedding
 My handsome husband dancing with my beautiful moms at that wedding
 Christmas with the Kellys!!
Vegas a couple months ago - cheers!

So these are just a smidgen of some of my favorite pics and memories with moms, sadly some of my favorite ones don't have pics or I don't have them on the computer :(. But you get the gist of the awesomeness that is Mrs. Kelly!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!
I Love You SOOOOOOOO much and cannot wait to see you!!!



Charlotte said...

So sweet!! You love your mama as much as I do!!!!

Love your sweet blog! I left you a little diddy at my place!!

Kristin said...

Aww! Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mama! :)

A Wedding Story said...

What a sweet post!!!! PS - I really, really LOVE your hair!!! It's so adorable!