Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weddings and More Weddings and Less Cold!

Let me just start with a big CONGRATULATIONS to my sweet sweet cousin, Missy and her new fiancé Jacob!
These two adorable people just got engaged last weekend and I am so freaking excited about it! Missy is the closest thing I have ever and will ever have to a little sister and I think I have been waiting for this day as much as she has. :) They are looking at a fall weekend....October 2nd to be specific....which I think is a FABULOUS weekend to get married! {eh, hem –our 1st anniversary will be Oct. 3} :)
This wedding adds to my already very full wedding calendar this year...I have 7 so far, that's right 7. All within 7 months, and one weekend I have 2 - one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I am also eagerly anticipating/hoping that I have two other engagements to be celebrating in the near future. I won't mention any names, but if you know me I think you know who they are....and at least one of those would add to my tally for this year.....CANNOT wait!! :) Most people would be exhausted at the mere thought of that many weddings (i.e. my husband), but not me - I love weddings, obviously - and cannot get enough! Maybe my mind will be changed after all said weddings, but I highly doubt it!

So, needless to say, I have lots of dresses I need to have on hand for this upcoming (very slowly upcoming) Spring/Summer Season. Since it is freezing outside and I am totally over it I will just dream of days when I can wear all of my summer dresses and flip-flops and find new adorable dresses on-line to add to my summer collection!

Check out my fabulous finds so far...

I heart Forever 21 for there aweseom snags....LOVE the back of this dress!!
Business in the Front..........
.........Party in the Back!
Love this one too.....but the picture does worry me that they are falling back into the trend of last summer.....and the trend I speak of is "barely covers the ass (pardon my french)" trend. And with longer legs, my dress options become very mininal. But I just love the pockets and semi-razor back, so I am just going to tell myself that this model has super, uber long legs and it will fit me just divinely!
Love this, but it would be a total splurge at ($300) from J.Crew, but I just LOVE that green!

These two are from on of my fav stores, Francescas, if you haven't been you must check it out!
Throw an adorable belt on with this and it will be fabulous

And this I believe is my fav and will have to make an appearance at one of the many said weddings!

Happy Hump Day to all, which means we are closer to the weekend, which means we are closer to the 60 degree weather!!!! WOO HOO!!!!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Love that lace one from F21. It's in my cart as we speak!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hey shoot me an email at I wanna talk to you about something :)

Will and Carley said...

those dresses are presh!

Cat said...

hey! i just found your blog through sarah... so cute! i got married back in september and had the exact same colors as you- black, green, & ivory/white. you have great taste:)