Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wedding Videos Part Deux

I am kinda blah today and uber busy at work so my idea to add these uh-ma-zing videos from me lovely father works out rather nicely for my post today! :) You can find the find the first one here, and without further ado.......

Here is the Ceremony........

(please forgive the constant eye wiping and mascara face....I was a crying mess and the flowers added to it - had I know where the camera was I might have tried to make pretty faces the whole time - who am I kidding?! I was lucky to be breathing! :))

I especially heart this one because it has one of our absolute favorite songs ever (by The Features - a local Nashville band we love), lots of memories and meaning for us in this song! :)

I hope you enjoy!

I will post the others later this week. Have a fantabulous day!!!


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