Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

It's Top 2 Tuesday and my 2nd post for the day, lookey there! :)

This week's topic is:

Top 2 things you cant live without

The Undomesticated Momma decided to be fun and lighthearted about it making it more like, 2 things I would not like to live without, so I am going that route....this is besides the hubs, Mr. Man (our pup), my lovely friends, and my fantastic family.

In the spirit of not being too materialistic I thought about things that are a MUST to get me through my day....and sadly, this is what I came up with :)

1st, Mascara!
This may be strange to some, but for any of you fellow bloggers with blonde eyelashes - you feel me! I do not consider myself to be high maintenance by any means, but I MUST have my mascara on before leaving the house. I look like I have the smallest eyes ever without it and I have about 8 tubes of it in my make-up bag......does that make me crazy?! :) - so needless to say I am somewhat of a mascara connoisseur

2nd, my crack - aka Diet Mtn. Dew

(yes, this is my desk at work......it'sad, I know)

Seriously, this is my crack. It is my coffee, I used to drink Starbucks all the time and one day decided to cut back.......well, I did, cut it out completely........and then a few months later Diet Mtn. Dew came into my life and it has never been the same. My husband continues to tell me that my teeth are going to fall out.....but not one cavitie yet! :)

And of course my iphone, macbook, camera, and dvr are cruical staples in my life too....but I could only pick two! :)

Waht are your top two? Go check out The Undomesticated Momma to see other answers.



The Undomestic Mom said...

Great picks...a girls got to have her caffeine!

Unknown said...

I love Diet Mt. Dew... Great picks! And what a cute blog. Have a great week!