Monday, March 8, 2010

A New Addition

The hubs and I have been talking for months about getting a new addition to the family, i.e. a new puppy! Trey was at home for several months after he was laid off so Otto {our child/100lb princess}got lots of attention all day long. Trey went back to work a couple weeks ago and the poor guy is just pitiful!! When I am getting ready in the morning he comes in the bathroom and either sits on my feet or leans all 100lbs of him onto my legs - pretty much doing everything he can to stop me from leaving. I try to go home for lunch everyday {oh, the joys of living close to work!} to play with him and let him play outside for a bit, but he still proceeds to give me those uber sad puppy eyes saying "mom, please don't leave me again. please, you know you want stay with me!" and it absolutely breaks my heart!!

He gets along fabulously with all living things, especially little pups, all of his brothers/sisters-in-laws/cousins are little dogs so he is soooo good with them! While I absolutely adore big dogs, have always wanted all big dogs, i HEART beagles!!! We tossed around the idea of another doberman because we have been so blessed with the amazement that is Otto, but that is a lot of dog to have in our house! :) I have always loved beagles and they are not too small, but not as big either - so I think a little baby girl beagle would be an absolutely perfect addition to the Bellar household!

Soooo, we found one last week and I applied for adoption for her yesterday!!! The puppies are so young that we would not be able to get her until April! There are only 2 girls in the litter and several applicants so who knows if we will get her, but I am beyond ecstatic, checking my e-mail constantly, and eagerly waiting an answer!!! If we don't get her this time I will be sad, but we will find our little girl!!! :)

And crazy enough one of my new fav blogs, Life in the Fulmer Lane, is giving away one of these presh new doggy beds!

I mean, how perfectly adorble would a little beagle be on that bed?! Not that this precious little one is not adorbale...LOVE the spot around his eye! I think I might have to pick one out once we get our little one!! You can check out all the sizes, colors, and patterns on their website,

I will let you know when we hear something, in the meantime, here are some pics of our sweet little Mr.Man!! (one of our many many nicknames for Otto!) :)

Should have been our Christmas Card.... :)

We had to keep the sweet man warm and stylin' at the same time!!
(PS, Can you tell my husband is a UT fan?! )

He has a full bed with pillows and blankets for road trips, he's not spoiled at all..... :)

playing catch with his daddy!

One of my fav pics ever, we had just gotten back from the honeymoon and he would not leave my side for days!!

Thoroughly enjoying the snow!!

a few of our engagment pics taken at Cheekwood

He's taller than me!!

see, don't we need a little girl walking with us?!?! :)

Happy Monday!!


KW said...

omg i am OB-SESSED with the sweetness that is otto! WHY is he so cute, you poor thing i can't IMAGINE having to leave him, except i can because our love of a fur-child (koda) does the same thing. we call it his "pouty face" and he does it when me and the mister are getting ready to go to work and he comes and sits/lays/pushes on my feet and shoots me the "pouty face" which then causes me to (for a small second) consider calling in sick. but then i realized i couldn't do that daily ... i WISH we could get another baby, but the mister says no. hopefully soon i'll be staying home with him (and a kiddo, if the Lord blesses us with one!) and won't have to worry about it!

ps - sorry for the LONGEST. COMMENT. EVER. i think that blog oscar would go to me.

Natasha said...

Awww I'm hoping you get one of the little girls... puppies are sooo much fun!!!

Anonymous said...
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