Monday, March 22, 2010

My Parents Rock!! & Wedding Video 1

appy Monday to everyone!! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, I know I did!

My lovely parents came in town "just for a visit" but they had plans other than just visiting............more home improvements!! :) Trey and I were not expecting it at all, but beyond ecstatic about it! Our home was built in 1960 and just about the whole house was renovated right before we bought it, so we got pretty lucky! But there was one nail in my side....the guest bath. Now it isn't awful as could be, i.e. baby pink or vomit green tile all over the place, but it was a dated tile bathroom and quite frankly just didn't flow with the rest of the house and it drove me and my mom nuts! It is an ivory color tile (not bad), with all gold/brass fixtures (bad), neutral wall-paper (pretty bad), a tacky gold/brass light fixture (really bad), a massive mirror and gold medicine cabinet (really really bad), and a freaking shell sink (awfully bad (is that a word)).

I am happy to report it is almost ALL gone!!! :) All we have to do is paint! New beautiful, white, clean sink with no gold pieces floating around in a shell design, all brushed nickel fixtures, a new modern and pretty light, and a flat smooth-lined mirror!! It makes such a difference already! We have to do a couple coats of primer and paint, and then we will be done. With everything!! :) I am thinking either a burnt orange color or a latte color....any thoughts suggestions?? It is a small space and I need to keep the flow with the ivory tile....hmmm. I will post pics soon! Daddy also added crown molding to our den and it looks sooooooooo pretty!! He Rocks!
My dad is the regular handy man as well as a total computer nerd - which I totally get from him!! He made Trey and I a wedding DVD for Christmas and it was/is the most amazing and special thing EVER!! He surprised us with it on Christmas Eve with the whole fam and just played it, we had no idea he was doing it! The whole wedding was a blur for Trey and I (as I am sure most of you newlyweds can understand) so it was so special to see it all together and all with songs from the wedding and special to Trey and I. My mom and I cried, shocking - I know, and I smiled for about 4 hours! The DVD was so cool, the actual DVD had our logo from our candy bags on it (love is sweet, sarah and trey, october 3, 2009) and it has it's own home screen with scenes personalized to us - it is awesome!! I thought I would share these videos with everyone, gives it a little more personalization! :)

Here is the first one of 5, hope you enjoy them! And Daddy, thank you again for working so hard!! I am so thankful and proud!! LOVE YOU!!

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Lindsey said...

your wedding video made by your dad is so special! you are very lucky that you have something that you can hold on forever!