Thursday, March 25, 2010

My First Thoughtless Thursday - Reception!

One of my fav blogs, Life In the Fulmer Lane, hosts Thoughtless Thursday and I thought I would play along this week for a few reasons....

First, I am pretty thoughtless today with this not-so-lovely weather Nashville is having

Second, the idea of Thoughtless Thursday is to pick any random picture(s) that comes to mind, post 'em & chat about 'em....I just so happen to have several pictures I would like to post. I will be displaying a collage of pictures if you will....aka, my round up of the wedding videos! :) You can find the first two here and here, (they are the bridal party walk-in and the ceremony)

Third, I have played several other games the past few days, why not round out the week!? :) And of course to show some love to Katie!? :)

So, here goes...

The Reception with songs played from the reception and it makes me happy on this thoughtless - gloomy day! :)

This one may require a little explanation, if you know me and my husband you know we are die hard SEC football fans. Die Hard. We live and breathe for those weekends filled with tailgating (the grove does it the beast.....I'm just sayin'), chanting, Jack Daniels, poms-poms, good friends, and some good ole fashioned rivalry! More specifically his Tennessee Vols and my Ole Miss Rebels!! HOTTY TODDY!!! :) (thank God, they aren't huge rivals!:)) We even planned our entire wedding around their schedules which ended up being all for nothing....but that is an entirely different post! Anyway, when Daddy made this DVD he created it for us, which means he had to add some Alma Mater love for us! :) We had Rocky Top, Dixie, and Hotty Toddy playing all throughout the reception, it was awe-some! The pics you will see at the reception are when 1 of the 3 were playing and we were rocking out! I LOVE IT!
Anyway, there is my explanation.....enjoy:

Happy Thoughless Thursday! Now head over to Katie's blog and check out the rest!


KW said...

LOOOOOVVVVVEEED the videos, ESP the reception ones!!! i literally almost cried, the picture of you dancing with you daddy, PRECIOUS!!!

thanks for playing thoughtless thursday and BRIGHTENING my day!!! :)

Caroline said...

Cute videos! My hubby is a UT graduate. Tomorrow will be my first time to wear orange.

A Bride In Boots said...

How funny that we both posted wedding pics to brighten our days! Great minds must think alike. :)