Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Introducing our precious new addition.....

Maylie Lou!!!!

We did it folks!  We found our sweet little baby beagle girl yesterday and she is friggin' precious!!!

Let me just share with you the story of how we came to find this adorable little girl......

We had a long fun but life changing weekend...but that is a whole 'nother post...and needless to say I was exhausted Monday morning. Tired, not feeling good, slightly stressed and worried what the future was holding for the Bs. So, to brighten my afternoon I decided to check out puppyfinder.com, a fabulous website to find animals who need good homes. I narrowed down my search to a baby girl beagle puppy and low and behold there is one at the Nashville Human Association!! 4 boys and 1 girl! I got the biggest smile on my face and got all giddy!! I called Trey immediately, told him to go see if she was still there and to call me and I would leave work ASAP.

See, we have gone to the Humane Association here in Nashville every weekend for the past month hoping to find a little girl - it was/is very important to me to save a dog. I have always gotten my puppies from a shelter and will continue to do so. Trey says he saved Otto too and I totally agree, all puppies need good homes....the humane society just makes me sad though.....I want all of them! Anyway, the past few times we have gone all the puppies were boxers or labs or big dogs, which I LOVE but we just wanted a smaller one with Otto. So this past Sunday was the first time we hadn't gone in a month and these precious puppies were delivered Saturday......what are the odds?!?!?

So, Trey calls me and all he says is you are going melt. I look at my boss (also a HUGE dog lover, who has been trying to help us find one for a month) and say, can I leave early to get a puppy?! Her response, "Only if you bring her tomorrow", umm I get to get a puppy and bring her to work?!?!?! Suuuuh - weeeetttttt!!! I head run out the door and fight the traffic to get to her. I walk in Trey is playing catch with her, she looks up at me....

and I pick her up, look at Trey, and that was it! He just said, okay and walked out there to do the paperwork!!

We proceed to Petsmart to get her some good ol' girly puppy stuff and take her to her new home! :)

getting very sleeepppyyy....

and she's out!

Finally home....just in time for more sleep!! Don't you just want to kiss that sweet wet nose?!?!! :)

AAAANNNNDDD, she's up!!!

Whaddya doin'!?!?!?

Hey big brother!!! :)

Hey momma.....what is that flashy thing?!??!

My sweet angels taken their snoozies :)

At work with momma this morning, she found a football.....she's a Bellar!!

I promise there will be more a ton of pictures to come!!!

Happy Tuesday!!
Trey, Sarah, Otto, and Maylie!!


Unknown said...

awww I love her! She can be Knox's girlfriend, he's a beagle mix. :)

KW said...

are you KIDDING me!?!? oh em gee, i DO just want to kiss that wet nose! oh honey we SO have the same heart for dogs, i can't STAND the thought of them being in shelters. break my HEART. my heart just swells knowing you saved this little girl!!! sweet SWEET baby!!!

LOVE maylie lou!!!

Lindsey said...

she is adorable!! and i'm so happy that you found her at the humane society and you are giving her an amazing home!

A Wedding Story said...

She is so dog' on cute!!! Ha! Thanks for the beagle advice. They really are just precious. I love the coloring of yours, so precious!

Natasha said...

How adorable is your new baby!!!! So happy for you and the new addition--congrats!