Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to the grind!

Happy Monday to all you pretty people out there!

I don't have much to report seeing as how the hubs and I did a whole lotta nadda this weekend - and it was just lovely! :) We did a few chores around the house, watched some basketball (and I must say I was a pretty good loser when the Vols beat my Rebs....I mean sadly, I wasn't expecting a different outcome, just hoping...), drank some wine and Jack (not together, of course), and watched some movies. We watched "Up In The Air" and "Extract", both pretty good - not great movies.

We got out of the house Sunday to take our sweet little man to the park (we are going to just pretend spring is here) and he had a big time! He is so cute, when we get on any of those roads next to Centennial Park- he always knows, he starts freaking out and getting uber excited! Loooove taking him there! We also stopped by The Nashville Humane Association to check out the pups since we have heard back out about the beagle :(. There are sooooo many fabulous and precious little pups there and I want them all! I am sure I am one of 1 million that say this, but I want a big farm so that I can adopt a ton of them!!! All shapes and sizes! They had some absolutely adorable pups but they are all going to grow to be too big for what we were are looking sad..... :(.

On a happier note, Daylight Savings was yesterday!!! WOO HOO!!!!

This means that when I leave work today it will still be sunny daylight outside!! This makes me sooooooooo happy! I hate when we have to set the clocks back (except for that extra hour of sleep, of course), it makes the days shorter and darker and I just don't like it! I loooooove leaving work with it still being bright and sunny, it makes the day longer which means I can either take Mr. Man to the park or get in some quick pool time when we open it!! I mean, why do have Daylight Savings anyway?! I think we should be like Arizona and just not do it.....any takers?!

Another reason I am perkier than usual on this cold and gloomy Monday…...Wednesday is St. Patrick's Day!!! And this Irish Girl looooooooovesss some St. Patrick's Day!

My office is going out to see some clients on a mini sales blitz to deliver some Irish goodies, which means we will be decked out in green and fun Irish adornments (pictures to follow) and then a group of us are going for some dinner and cocktails! As much as we would LOVE to go to one of the many Irish Pubs around Nashville, I don't know that any of us will have the energy to fight the crowds of the lucky folks who get to enjoy St. Patrick's Day all day with several pints! :) Anyone else have big plans/suggestions?!
Happy Monday to you all!!!

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krystal said...

I agree with you on the whole daylight savings thing. Now it won't be *dark* when I get home!