Monday, February 1, 2010

O ye, have little faith in our weatherman.....

........we all know I did.....but much to my dismay (which I was not upset about at all), I was wrong! The faithful weathermen of Nashville were right, there was definitely snow, and lots of it! And if you are not from the south, you MUST understand that this is a HUGE deal! We never get snow like this, which means we are not prepared for it, which means the city comes to a halt until it melts! Which means we all act like little kids running around having snow ball fights, making snowmen (or attempting to), and staring out the window in awe of the prettiness!
It all started around 9am Friday - right in the middle of my Sales Meeting. There is a big window in the office where we have the meeting so there was a big lack of concentration as soon as the meeting started...everyone already questioning when we could go home. Lucky me, I was only working until 12, and very happy about it! I peaced out at 12, decided to stop at Blockbuster and snag some movies for a long weekend in, but Blockbuster had shut down....3rd one btw - I guess we are the last people in America to start I took the long way home to see how much snow had really fallen. It really was beautiful, but also not so fun to drive in.
Friday afternoon Trey, Otto, and I played in the snow and attempted to build a snowman but the snow was just too powdery so we decided to try again Saturday. We spent the evening with some cocktails, board games, and just some good-old fashioned-cheesy-newlywed time.....and I must say, it was nice! I won again at Scrabble, the leading champ - and he beat me at Battleship, a good time had by all! (are we already that old couple ?! :))
Saturday, I spent the morning with breakfast in bed (my hubby rocks), some 90210 (gotta love Soapnet's breakfast in bed with like 5 hours of 90210 every Saturday morning!), and reading the latest on the newest blog I have come to love, Bakerella , AWESOME blog if you love any kind of baking, she gives me tons of inspiration and is just so freaking creative and fun!! Then I get a call from my best friend, Laura, that her and another friend of mine are getting cabin fever and are in need of some entertainment. They were at Laurie's house, which is in the same neighborhood about 2 miles away - their significant others had gone hunting for the last weekend of hunting season so they decided to bear down together and were getting very bored very they decided to make the hike over for some mutual entertaining. They show up with a "bag-o-booze" - tequila, margarita mix, vodka, beer, and wine! A friend of my husband's came over too and we all settled in to have a fabulous snow day/weekend!

Our home! :) 7 inches!!!! Holy Crap!!

our poor pool...

our street and Otto, our pet deer.....:)

Trey showing how deep it was

Laurie and I with our Margaritas....we were thinking warm!

Me and Laura

Our adorbale snow-man-making kit, compliments of my adorbale Mother-in-law

Me and Laura attempting to build a snowman....and that is sweet little Delilah with us trying to help :)

Sooooo, snowman making is hard! I felt like Goldilocks and the three bears....the first day the snow was too soft, the second day it was too needless to say, this is the best we could do. We need named him, Jabba........

Family Snow Picture!

Apples to Apples, basketball, cocktails, good friends, and some good grub = Awesome Snow Day!!

This is a street downtown on the 3rd day.....still solid ice!

This is the interstate going to our house, just look at all that nastiness on the sides of the roads! Ewwww!!

We all had a fabulous snow weekend - but I think we are all over it now! Trey had to drive me to work today becuase he has 4-wheel drive and our neighborhood/area of Nashville got the worst and my poor car cannot make it out of the driveway let alone down the street! Although.....I could get use to being chauffeured and dropped off at the front door by my sexy husband every morning! :)

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend too!

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