Thursday, February 25, 2010

a little blog love!

Okay, on a much happier note today, I want to give a little shout out to Ashley at Ashley's Bride Guide!

For all of you planning brides, friends helping friends plan, just waiting to plan, or are like me and just love all things weddings (even if your wedding has been gone for 4 months.........) then this website is your "graceland"! Seriously, you must check it out. Ashley posts updates daily about the newest fashion trends, table designs, color/theme inspirations, real brides stories, DIY ideas, all the upcoming local bridal events, plus everything that I can't think of right now........but check out her inspiration gallery here. She also has an entire local vendor section - which is uber helpful when you need help finding the vendor that is perfect for you and your day.

I have to say I am a little partial to Ashley for two reasons - first, I actually found 2 of my ever-so-fabulous vendors form Ashley's Bride Guide. My floral design was created by Hillary with Brocade Design Arts and my amazing pictures taken by my photographer, Hannah Elaine. Both of these vendors were absolutely fabulous to work with and I would refer them to anyone and will definitely create another reason to use them in the future! :)

Second, Ashley has given me a few shout outs herself! :) If you click that pretty little pink "Nashville Newlywed" badge to the right it will take you to the website, where you can then click on the Wedding Blogs tab, scroll down, and you will find an array of other bridal bloggers and wedding lovers like me as well as vendor blogs! You can follow along with all of them and get even more inspirations! And amongst them you will find this fabulous little badge :)
Ahhh, I love blog love! :)
You can also click on the link below that pretty little pink box to the right and see where she wrote about my wedding! :)
(Thanks, Ashley !:))

So bottom line, check out the website. Really. Do it. Go.

I hope everyone has an absolutely lovely evening! Tomorrow is Friday, woo hoo!!!


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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hillary is doing my flowers too! She's the bomb!