Monday, February 8, 2010

football and lots of food!!!

Let me first just say that I am oh so sleepy....long, fabulous, amazing, busy weekend!!!

Friday, date night with the hubs to use one of our many many gift cards, this one was Carrabas. I have not been there in years and completely forgot how absolutely yummy everything is!! Needless to say I did not stick to my "healthy light food" diet that night! Then we went to Melrose to meet a friend of Trey's and proceeded to have a few too many....but I really do like that bar, great little neighborhood bar that does not allow smoking which is lovely because you don't wake up the next morning to the ashtray stench on your hair. If you haven't been you should check it out!

Saturday turned into a VERY productive day! We jumped out of bed to yet use another gift card, this one was Cracker Barrel, mmmmm!!!! Then I had - who am I kidding - I wanted to run out to Forever 21 to pick up some cute things for our trip to Vegas. Let me get totally off track real quick to mention how much I LOVE this place!! I mean, I got a skirt, a silk shirt, a necklace, and earrings for $30. I mean how can you get any better than that?! I just wish it was closer...but it is probably a good thing it isn' we need an H&M (which there is one in Vegas right next to our hotel, that could be trouble!). Okay back on track, I shopped at Forever 21 and the hubs shopped at The Tennessee Sports Fan Store, typical Opry Mills trip for us. Next up, Home Depot! We are FINALLY going to do the home updates/improvements we have been talking about for over a year and let me just say how super super stoked I am about this! We are putting a backsplash up, the tile I picked out is a glass tile in the long skinny subway style and the color is pewter, it is going to look SOOOOOOO good!! We are also painting the kitchen a smokey blue color, the den gray, and the bedroom the teal color that I am in love with! I promise to take lots of before and after pics!

Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner, so we had to go grocery shopping for lots of ingredients. I have stumbled upon this blog (AWESOME blog if you like cooking stuff!) and saw this menu that she cooked for her husband and it sounded mouth-watering good!! It is called The Marlboro Man Meal in honor of her cowboy husband. I immediately decided I was going to make it for Trey and my friend Dawn and I LOVE to cook together, so this seemed like the perfect occasion! So here are few pics of the dinner and prep!

messy means its good!! :) This is the sauce for the steaks, saute a whole sliced onion in butter, then add whipping cream, then add blue cheese crumbles........words cannot describe how yummy this was!

Here is Dawn mixing the salad (spinach salad with boiled eggs, bacon, sautéed red onions, blue cheese, and a warm bacon vinaigrette......mmmmm, hungry yet?

Rosemary Rolls.....this was a first for me, I bought frozen dough rather than the frozen - cooked rolls. I had to let them rise then brushed them with butter, sprinkled a little salt and then fresh rosemary.....and then more butter. They were DELICIOUS!

And here it all is............I say again, I did not stick to my "healthy light food" diet that night!

It was a fabulous night with fabulous friends!

Next, it was finally here! SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!! And my Saints were gonna win!!!

Some friends of ours had a big Superbowl Party, he smoked ribs, chicken, and deer sausage - and let me tell you, he is good at smoking chicken!!! It was soooooooo yummy! Fall off the bone fabulousness!!There was about 25 people there and everyone brought food......lots of homemade snacks, dips, and sweets! Oh, how I LOVE and ADORE football....during the college season this is a every weekend event and I am very sad that it is over and we have to wait 7 months for it to come back......

back on track, I made oreo truffles and a spicy buffalo chicken dip (so good and so easy!) I got the oreo truffles recipe from the fabulous bakerella blog, and although they are not as pretty as hers, they turned out pretty good! And they were a big hit at the party! I will definitely be making them again!

And to top off such a perfect weekend, My Saints won the Superbowl!!! I still can't believe it, never thought it would actually happen!! It was such a good game and such a fabulous party! And how sweet was this????

I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend! Happy Monday!!!

4 more days until Vegas........

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