Wednesday, February 24, 2010

bored, bored, bored....

Okay, so I am having one of "those" days...........and by "those" I mean not 100% happy with my current employment position.......which then turns into "what could I do?", which turns into "what do I dream of doing", which turns into "what I will need to do it", which turns into "this is why I can't do it right now", which turns into "why am I letting something always stop me?" and then I am just annoyed and frustrated and all of a sudden I am having one of "those" days and in one of "those" moods..........and then my poor husband has to deal with me and that is not a good day for him.....

Now don't get me wrong, I work at a fabulous hotel and work with great people (for the most part anyway), but I am just flat out effing bored! I am a Sales Manager, which in a nutshell means that I am responsible for selling group blocks of hotel rooms, exciting right? I am responsible for weddings and all things social, along with bits and pieces of other markets (don't ask how the division was made - it makes NO sense!).......thank God I have the wedding market otherwise I would have gone off my rocker months ago! But overall, I just feel like an order-taker that has absolutely NO way of expressing my creative bone........which makes me bored, sad, mad, annoyed, frustrated, and dare I say again, flat out effing bored! Which is not a good combination for anyone and if you know me, especially me! I actually started this lovely blog at work on one of "those" days and it helps keeps me sane when I feel like I am starting to have one of "those" days

I took a sales job because I didn't want to work weekends anymore. I worked at a restaurant in college and a hotel ever since I graduated so I forgot what weekends were like. I was a Conventions Services Manager before this job and as exhausting, overwhelming, and as many long hours, nights and weekends as it was at least I could put some of "me" into it. I was constantly creating things and seeing an end result! I enjoy sales, I really do, I just do NOT need to be behind a desk all day doing it! I need one or the other.....(a) behind a desk creating something, anything fabulous (i.e. invitations, powerpoint, flyers, menus, research, anything) or (b) out talking to people face to face and selling something people actually want (i.e. booze - that would be so freaking awesome to be a liquor sales rep!-I have wanted to do that for years....but those jobs are hard as hell to get into! I think I would have more luck finding a winning lottery ticket stuck to the bottom of my foot.

I have friends and know people that LOVE their job, they say it's not work, and I am so envious of that! When I was planning my wedding I did a lot of research and designing the paper goods at work (shhh, don't tell my boss) and I would find myself staying late to finish it or going home and staying up late to make sure the final details were done even though it was months before. That never felt like work, I loved it! Of course that was all for me, but I still do similar projects for friends and family and will use ALL of my free time to get it done! So why?!?! Why can't I be one of those people that finds that dream job?!?!? That job that makes you want to stay as long as it takes to make it perfect? That job where you truly feel like you are giving your best!! The job that even if you weren't getting paid, you would probably still do it.

Okay, okay, I'm sorry.........I do realize that this is one of those poor pitiful me posts, but as I said in the very beginning, I am have one of "those" days and it's my blog, so let me have it! Does/has anyone else felt like this?! Any helpful suggestions?!

Now come on 5:00, so I can go home to my sweet sweet husband and have a big glass of vino! Oh wait, corporate is here, so I have to stay until 6:30. awesome.

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Unknown said...

One of "those" days. Tell me about. I think everyone has one of "those" days even if it is a dream job. If I hear or come across anything I'll remember you. =) I hope tomorrow is better!