Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to the grind....

So, I am back, back to the cold (it was 70 and sunny in Vegas), back to work, back to doing laundry, back to healthier eating habits, back to not feeling it! I am having a case of the Mondays and it is Wednesday!

But I will get over my funk by the time the day is you ask? Because my sweet husband and a friend of his are putting in our backsplash today! WOO HOO!!! Soooo excited about this! Also, I may have some other interesting news by then.... :) - I will hopefully be posting about that soon!

I will have some pics of our absolutley Vegas trip posted soon.........until then, here is a pic of me and my mom and where I would MUCH rather be today! :)

lunch on the patio of Mon Ami lovely!!!


Louise said...

Love Nashville bloggers! Why am I just now finding you???? Thank GOD for ABG!

Sarah said...

Ha, I kind of did things backwards and started blogging AFTER the wedding! :) But read all the Nashville blogs during the process and LOVED them! So glad you stopped by and decided to follow! Love feeling the love! :)