Friday, February 26, 2010

Fixin' up the house Friday!

The paint has been bought, I have blue painter's tape coming out the wazoo, 2 trays with 8 paint tray liners, drop clothes, and rollers to go around - we are ready to go! I am SOOOO excited to get it done and see it all put together!!!

I just really hope the colors come out the way I am picturing them in my head.....those test spots I painted just don't help me out all that much! We are tackling the den, kitchen, bedroom, and bath, I think I am being overly optimistic, but I think I can get it all done this weekend. Let me rephrase that, I am determined to get it done this weekend. See,I am that girl who will not sleep the weekend she moves into a new house until everything is put together and hung on the walls....I cannot deal with piles of clutter! So, I will stay up late and go and go until it is done! Wish me luck!! :)

And PS, the glass tile backsplash was finished on Monday and it looks GORGEOUS!!!! I could not be least until I see the paint with it! :)

Have a fabulous weeekend everyone and hopefully I will have pics next week!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

a little blog love!

Okay, on a much happier note today, I want to give a little shout out to Ashley at Ashley's Bride Guide!

For all of you planning brides, friends helping friends plan, just waiting to plan, or are like me and just love all things weddings (even if your wedding has been gone for 4 months.........) then this website is your "graceland"! Seriously, you must check it out. Ashley posts updates daily about the newest fashion trends, table designs, color/theme inspirations, real brides stories, DIY ideas, all the upcoming local bridal events, plus everything that I can't think of right now........but check out her inspiration gallery here. She also has an entire local vendor section - which is uber helpful when you need help finding the vendor that is perfect for you and your day.

I have to say I am a little partial to Ashley for two reasons - first, I actually found 2 of my ever-so-fabulous vendors form Ashley's Bride Guide. My floral design was created by Hillary with Brocade Design Arts and my amazing pictures taken by my photographer, Hannah Elaine. Both of these vendors were absolutely fabulous to work with and I would refer them to anyone and will definitely create another reason to use them in the future! :)

Second, Ashley has given me a few shout outs herself! :) If you click that pretty little pink "Nashville Newlywed" badge to the right it will take you to the website, where you can then click on the Wedding Blogs tab, scroll down, and you will find an array of other bridal bloggers and wedding lovers like me as well as vendor blogs! You can follow along with all of them and get even more inspirations! And amongst them you will find this fabulous little badge :)
Ahhh, I love blog love! :)
You can also click on the link below that pretty little pink box to the right and see where she wrote about my wedding! :)
(Thanks, Ashley !:))

So bottom line, check out the website. Really. Do it. Go.

I hope everyone has an absolutely lovely evening! Tomorrow is Friday, woo hoo!!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

bored, bored, bored....

Okay, so I am having one of "those" days...........and by "those" I mean not 100% happy with my current employment position.......which then turns into "what could I do?", which turns into "what do I dream of doing", which turns into "what I will need to do it", which turns into "this is why I can't do it right now", which turns into "why am I letting something always stop me?" and then I am just annoyed and frustrated and all of a sudden I am having one of "those" days and in one of "those" moods..........and then my poor husband has to deal with me and that is not a good day for him.....

Now don't get me wrong, I work at a fabulous hotel and work with great people (for the most part anyway), but I am just flat out effing bored! I am a Sales Manager, which in a nutshell means that I am responsible for selling group blocks of hotel rooms, exciting right? I am responsible for weddings and all things social, along with bits and pieces of other markets (don't ask how the division was made - it makes NO sense!).......thank God I have the wedding market otherwise I would have gone off my rocker months ago! But overall, I just feel like an order-taker that has absolutely NO way of expressing my creative bone........which makes me bored, sad, mad, annoyed, frustrated, and dare I say again, flat out effing bored! Which is not a good combination for anyone and if you know me, especially me! I actually started this lovely blog at work on one of "those" days and it helps keeps me sane when I feel like I am starting to have one of "those" days

I took a sales job because I didn't want to work weekends anymore. I worked at a restaurant in college and a hotel ever since I graduated so I forgot what weekends were like. I was a Conventions Services Manager before this job and as exhausting, overwhelming, and as many long hours, nights and weekends as it was at least I could put some of "me" into it. I was constantly creating things and seeing an end result! I enjoy sales, I really do, I just do NOT need to be behind a desk all day doing it! I need one or the other.....(a) behind a desk creating something, anything fabulous (i.e. invitations, powerpoint, flyers, menus, research, anything) or (b) out talking to people face to face and selling something people actually want (i.e. booze - that would be so freaking awesome to be a liquor sales rep!-I have wanted to do that for years....but those jobs are hard as hell to get into! I think I would have more luck finding a winning lottery ticket stuck to the bottom of my foot.

I have friends and know people that LOVE their job, they say it's not work, and I am so envious of that! When I was planning my wedding I did a lot of research and designing the paper goods at work (shhh, don't tell my boss) and I would find myself staying late to finish it or going home and staying up late to make sure the final details were done even though it was months before. That never felt like work, I loved it! Of course that was all for me, but I still do similar projects for friends and family and will use ALL of my free time to get it done! So why?!?! Why can't I be one of those people that finds that dream job?!?!? That job that makes you want to stay as long as it takes to make it perfect? That job where you truly feel like you are giving your best!! The job that even if you weren't getting paid, you would probably still do it.

Okay, okay, I'm sorry.........I do realize that this is one of those poor pitiful me posts, but as I said in the very beginning, I am have one of "those" days and it's my blog, so let me have it! Does/has anyone else felt like this?! Any helpful suggestions?!

Now come on 5:00, so I can go home to my sweet sweet husband and have a big glass of vino! Oh wait, corporate is here, so I have to stay until 6:30. awesome.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was going through my wedding pics and I realized that I never posted any pics of our fabulous photoboth from our wedding! Hannah was gracious enough to set up this fun idea which she likes to call her FauxTaux Booth and it was a BIG hit! I highly recommend having this at your wedding--or any event for that matter! It is a fun way to get pictures of everyone having a good ol' time! And as you can see by the pictures everyone did!!! :)

**UPDATE!!** This adorbale couple just got engaged!!! YAY!!! So freaking excited for them!!!!

And here is the fabulous Hannah Elaine, herself!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Recap.....

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I had a relaxing, yet productive weekend!

Friday night was supposed to be ladies night, we had gotten a few rooms at Opryland (a bunch of us used to work there) and we were going to shop, have dinner and cocktails, then hit up Fuse for some girly dancing......well, my body had other ideas. After Vegas for 5 days, then straight back to work with a ca-ra-zy 3 days, sleepless nights, and preparing for a tradeshow, my body said - no. I kept saying I could do it, even Friday morning, I was determined......then by that afternoon after not leaving my desk for 7 hours and then running around town to get things together for the show.....I barely had the energy to drive home. I had to be that awful, terrible, friend that bails.....and I am NEVER that friend, needless to say I felt terrible. I got home and hit the couch to wait for the hubs to get home from his first day at his fabulous new job and fell asleep immediately. I woke up about 7, when he got home, we chatted about his day, his new gig and ate pizza then decided to go see Valentines Day (you will learn about me, I ADORE going to the movies, absolutely adore it. I think it is the popcorn.).

I must say, I was disappointed with the movie. I believe I could tell you the majority of what happened in the movie just by the previews.....maybe it was because I was so tired and just didn't have the energy or maybe it was because of the ending with Bradley Cooper's character (I have a secret crush on that gorgeous, gorgeous man!), but either way......not one of my favs....pretty disappointing. We headed home and I was in bed and asleep by 10........exciting Friday night, huh?!

Saturday, I slept late and it was AWESOME! More breakfast in bed, I swear before we were married I always made him breakfast in bed and now I am getting it all the time and LOVING IT! :) After a few episodes of 90210, I decided to get up and enjoy the lovely day. We headed to Home Depot to get paint samples for the house and some other things we needed (I have been to Home Depot more in the past month than I have in my whole life....). We got some great colors and I am pretty excited about getting it all on the walls this weekend! Next, I had to go get flowers to make arrangements for the Bridal Show on for flowers the week after Valentines Day was not the most successful, but I got some hydrangeas and lilies and it did the trick. We grabbed some lunch and a few more errands, very successful afternoon. We went to Rusan's for dinner for a friends birthday, and let me just say, I have not been there in about 2 years because last time we went I felt like I was at a rave with the blaring techno music! I was happily surprised to find out that they toned it down and we had a fabulous dinner with friends!

Sunday was bridal show day, and I must say it was pretty successful! Check out our booth/table -

I would have much rather spent my Sunday with my hubs and sweet dog on our back porch playing catch with a cold beer in hand.........but you do what ya gotta do, right?! I had a wonderful welcoming home from my husband with a spic and span clean house and dinner made - Oh, how I LOVE that man! And Frankie, if you are reading - you are a rockstar and I really am so lucky to have you!

So, I am starting this Monday off refreshed and ready for the week! I believe I shall make my love some dinner, have some wine, and enjoy The Bachelor Reunion! :) Anyone else excited to see Rozlyn's drama?! :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bridal Show Weekend!

Happy Friday!!! And let me just say I am very excited about this one......for only working 3 days this week, it feels like 12 and I am flat out pooped!

For all you planning bride-to-bes out there, Sunday is the Perfect Wedding Guide Show at the Frist!

So, if you are planning a wedding, know someone who is, or just can't get enough of all things weddings, then join us on Sunday! For those of you who don't know, I am a Sales Manager for Embassy Suites at Vanderbilt - catering to brides and all other social events, so I will be there promoting my lovely hotel! Please stop by and say hello and if nothing else, you will get to enjoy one of our Chef's fabulous Almond Joy Cake Truffles - and they are DE-lightful!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!!!!

My ever so fabulous (and constantly traveling) parents bought us (us being - my husband, brother, sister-in-law, and I) a trip to Vegas for Christmas - 5 days and 4 nights in Sin City - how cool are my parents?! They actually took us last year to see Beatles "Love" and as I mentioned here it is the most visually stimulating, beautiful, amazing, mouth-wide-open for 1.5 hours, art/show/concert that I have EVER seen! I mean it is beyond, words - I will never be able to explain it - it is that AH.MAZ.ING!! So, what I am saying is if you are a Beatles fan - hell, even if you're not - go! Go now! Really, go! And just when we thought it couldn't get any better they bought all 6 of us tickets again! And when we thought it couldn't get any better, the tickets were front row!!!!! Ahhhhh, I wanna go see it 20 more times!

Okay, okay let me focus - lets get back to the post and the pics - the stuff you really want to see! :)

So, if you are in Nashville you know how cold it's been and if you're not, then you are probably still cold too...that is what made this trip so lovely..........65-70 and sunny. The whole time! Ahhh, I am soooo ready for flip flops and sun dresses!

So, the first night we stayed at the Bellagio.....and this was our view! How gorgeous!! They do a light show every 30 minutes (I think? Maybe 15? can't remember, all I know is I saw A LOT of them! :)) and they are done by music, so in the room you can put it on a channel that plays all the music with it, pretty cool huh?!

Trey got excited.....

Dinner at Olives at The Bellagio....on the water of the water show (that is it going off right behind us!)
This restaurant was to die for, I mean it, to die! I have pictures of every single plate of food we got, but I won't bore you.....but know, it was freaking fantastic!

This is the wall/ceiling and the pastry shop, and yes that is all chocolate dripping around!

My mom and I at the Diamond Lounge in Paris (where we stayed the rest of the trip) at noon.....that's Vegas for ya! How cute are the mini martini shot glasses?!

My absolute favorite place on the strip, Mon Ami Gabi. It is a French Steakhouse at Paris with a huge patio on the strip overlooking the watershow (you thought I was kidding when I said I saw it a lot!), the best food, the best wine, and frites come with everything!!! And if you know me, you know fries are my utter weakness!! The best people watching spot you can get! :)

There is a pretty funny story behind this pic.....long story short the usher took this picture for us, told us it was really cute, then took my camera and gave me a ticket to get it after the show, she took it to lost and found and it took what seemed like an hour to find lost and found and the guy that had it to get my camera back. We were late for dinner with everyone....and this is what we ended up with.....good times!
"Really Cute", right?! :)

Lunch at Bobby Flay's MESA at Caesars Palace (You probably get this a lot. This isn't the real Caesar's Palace is it? -HA!!) The margaritas are delicious!!

And the burger......mmmmmm,

Beautiful, Paris!

Walking for miles and miles on the strip.....

This is the entrance to the newest hotel at City Center, Aria. Huge and very very cool!
That entire back wall looked like.........
...............this! And it danced around, so cool!!

The entrance to LOVE, all kinds of lights and contsant Bealtes - loved loved loved it!

We couldn't go without a stop here again! Very cool lounge!

Right after the show....we were a little jacked! :)

My fabulous mom and daddy!

The awesome floors.......and they changed colors!

Last nigt at dinner - at Mon Ami Gabi, again - my bro and his sweet sweet wife

Me and the hubs........I think Trey is tired of the camera........ :)

I have about 40 more pics, but I think you get the gist. We had an absolutely amazing time and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my Momma and Daddy! You guys rock!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to the grind....

So, I am back, back to the cold (it was 70 and sunny in Vegas), back to work, back to doing laundry, back to healthier eating habits, back to not feeling it! I am having a case of the Mondays and it is Wednesday!

But I will get over my funk by the time the day is you ask? Because my sweet husband and a friend of his are putting in our backsplash today! WOO HOO!!! Soooo excited about this! Also, I may have some other interesting news by then.... :) - I will hopefully be posting about that soon!

I will have some pics of our absolutley Vegas trip posted soon.........until then, here is a pic of me and my mom and where I would MUCH rather be today! :)

lunch on the patio of Mon Ami lovely!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Heart Day!!

Sooo, I am going to go ahead and post this since I am peacing out and heading to Las Vegas tomorrow!!! Yippeeee!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!
Hope it is a fabulous one out there for all of my fellow newlyweds! :)

And PS, Trey and I will be out celebrating the night before we go to Las Vegas....why would one do such a thing you ask?!?!?...........................

Trey got a job!!! After months of stress and worry, it is over!!! Music and Finance together, that is his heaven!!

I am so proud of you honey!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Sweet Little Things!

I just have to say how sweet my husband is and how much I appreciate, love, and adore him! To say I am not a morning person is an understatement. I will do whatever I can do to get that last minute of sleep in my warm, comfy bed with all the pretty new bed linens....which in turn normally makes me rush around like a crazy woman because I am running late....which in turn makes me not the friendliest person some mornings. And then there is my sweet sweet husband, he can jump out of bed at anytime and be ready to take on the world. Every morning he gets up, when he doesn't have to - which is the greatest part, to go out to my car to turn on the heat and my lovely heated seats. Needless to say this morning was one of those mornings and it just makes the day start off SOOOOO much better!

Thank you, my sweet sweet husband! I love you so much and thanks for all the little things! :)

2 more days until Vegas.....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A few things.....

1. The Bachelor last night..........not happy with it. At all. Tenley started to get on my nerves, Vienna, well we all know how I feel about Vienna, Gia - no problems there, and Ali, well Ali left. Which would be fine if she didn't spend 2 hours crying like a 2 year old when in all reality I think she already made up her mind, she just wanted a little more of her 15 minutes. It also could have just been a ratings thing, either way it annoyed me. And on top of that, I read a spoiler....and I am not happy with what I read, really hoping he is wrong. If he isn't I am never watching it again.........for the 15th time. :)

2. The gorgeuous glass tile for our backsplash has officially been ordered!!! And I am UBER UBER excited about it!!! Here is a not so good pic.....

It is hard becuase of the flash, it is glass, and there is only one.

It is the bottom one...the pewter, and we will then be painting the walls a light blueish-gray color. I am soooooo ready for this to be done! Tile gets in Monday (we will still be in Vegas :)) and then my hubbs and his fabulous-home improvement-guru-friend with get to work on it! YAY!!!!!

3. I am SOOOOOO over winter.....I want it to be spring with flip flops and sun dresses and then summer with cook-outs and pool parties 

and I want to go back here:

and sit at this bar!

Is that too much to ask?! :)

Have a LOVELY evening everyone!