Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Par-tay!!!

Okay here are the last of the wedding pics...the reception!!!

This is our "green room" that we had for the wedding party to have a little grub and cocktails before we were announced, loved it....made us feel like Rockstars!!
We're here!!

Here is our candy buffet that I did with a little help from the ever fabulous Katie P! (my adorable bridesmaid with the short curly hair) - notice the chocolate chip cookies that I made special for Trey since he isn't a big candy fan :)

Soooo, these are not the flowers I wanted at all....I wanted just green hydrangeas for a clean look to go with the clean lines of the cake :(.......but I am the only one who knew the difference and I promise you it did not stop me from enjoying every bit of the night!

The cakes were fabulous and done by non other than the fabulous, Juanita at Dulce Desserts, mmmm I want some now!

First Dance, "You'll Be My Lover Too" by Van Morrison

Our awesome, awesome lighting done my Nashville Event Lighting - and they actually blogged about us here.

Toasts! Trey's brother, Jon gave such a fabulous toast, so sweet!!

TOTAL Daddy's girl!! :)

A little dancin'

Guest book table, I made the book at through, I highly recommend this website, very easy to use, lots of fun applications, and the best part - good prices! I also made one with all the wedding pics as a Christmas present for our parents.

Just LOVE this pic!
Our Super Cool Bar......yes those are floating flowers in the legs!

And We lived Happily Ever After! :)


Kelli said...

Hi there! I found your blog through ABG, such a beautiful wedding you had! I was just wondering...where did you get the confetti you used during your exit?

Thanks so much!
KW - sept 2010 bride

Sarah said...

Thank you so much!!! :) And thank you for stopping by! :) I got the confetti from and just got the flutterfetti sticks. You just kind of "whip" them and the confetti starts flying! They were perfect!

Hope that helps and good luck with all your planning!