Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My love affair with teal.....

I am on a mission to paint and re-vamp our humble abode. I don't know what has gotten into me....maybe it is the lack of not having planning to do....but I cannot stop re-decorating my house in my mind about 5 times a day! We got a lot of new stuff for the house for the wedding - shocking, I know - but now I want to make it all work together like it did when I registered for it. My first room that I want to tackle is our bedroom. We have some color in all of the other rooms but we got a beautiful, crisp, clean, white duvet for the bed and it is crying for a pop of color! When we moved in a year and half ago I decided I wanted to paint the walls a light teal color so I had a few pops of it in the bath and on the sheets. See, when you close on your very first home in less than two weeks while having to be out of your previous home, painting takes a back seat. We have added a few new pieces here and there and done a little, but all the ideas we/I wanted to bring to life got put on hold due to wedding planning. But now, no excuse.....well kind of....I am traveling a lot in the next 2 months so I have to plan accordingly.....

But onto the pictures....the fun part! Here are a few reasons why I adore teal so.....

I love the simplicity of the white and black and then the pop of such a pretty pretty shade of blue!

Love, love, love.

How fun is the pink?! I don't think Mr. B would be too keen on that....

this would make doing laundry a much more delightful experience!
(can you tell I like the black and white?!)

is it sad that I want Miley's room?

I would NEVER have put this together, but it works fabulously and I just love it.

So, this is what I am thinking with my room:

this is what our bed looks similar to now

We have two dressers and nightstands in a dark brown that match, so in effort to save money and be thrifty I was thinking painting them all black, but oh how I love these!

So let's picture one of these beds in a room painted this color:

with our beautiful comforter:

and these curtains:

and this fabulous mirror!!!

Okay....our bedroom isn't that huge so this might be overwhelming...but something on a smaller scale above the dresser!

Then throw in a bunch of fun black and white throw pillows - how fabulous would that be!?

Come on, I can do this, right!??!

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Anonymous said...

My bedroom is almost that color, but a little bluer. Originally I was going for a robin's egg blue but it turned out more teal-ish. All of my bedroom furniture is dark brown and I love it. Right now I have a chocolate brown set on my bed but I have been hunting for the perfect white (maybe not fully white but something with a lot of white and maybe another bright color like coral in it). I also need curtains but I am so picky. I have had my bedroom done for probably 4 years now and still don't have curtains because I haven't found what I want yet (and what is that? I have no idea).

I absolutely LOVE the color palette in my room. It makes me think of the Bahamas.