Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Storm of 2010.....take 2

A couple weeks ago our ever so genius team of Nashville weathermen predicted mass of amounts of snow, ice, and just plain nastiness. If you are from the South you know, you simply cannot do this. The weathermen should learn by now, the words; ice, snow, sleet, flurries, wintery mix, frozen rain can cause mass hysteria. Please do not use one of these words unless you truly truly mean it, and PLEASE do not use them together! All surrounding schools shut down the night before the alleged storm was to come in (reminding me of the fact that I clearly chose the wrong profession - but that is a whole 'nother post.). Milk, bread, and eggs were non-existent in the kroger/publix/harris teeter's where you could not find a parking spot in all over the city (I made the mistake of "running into" Kroger to grab some chicken for dinner that night....a 5 minute trip turned into a 30 minute trip full fear of getting in the way of a crazy woman and her bottled water). I woke up the next morning like a little kid hoping to see a white blanket across my yard......but to my dismay, you can guess what I found....nothing. No snow, no rain, no sleet, nothing. Now, I will say that we did get some snow....maybe 1/4 of an inch later that day, but nothing compared to the 4 inches they promised us! Why do I allow myself to fall for it every time!??!

Well not this time misters! I am going to stand my cynical ground and call a bluff on the you, Nashville weathermen! Look what they have predicted for tomorrow:

You can only imagine what the grocery stores are going to be like tonight! This is much more then they predicted last time! And I, with much much thanks to by amazing husband, do not have to "run into" the store tonight! He went shopping and made sure we had all the necessities for the weekend - plenty of vino, Jack Daniels, and of course some grub!

After a short day tomorrow (only working until noon -woo hoo!!) when it is all suppose to hit!-given it snows......I plan on heading home to the hubs and enjoying a weekend full of wine, cooking, movies, and finishing up the 1st season of True Blood!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

P.S. This is one of the VERY few times I hope I am proved wrong! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My love affair with teal.....

I am on a mission to paint and re-vamp our humble abode. I don't know what has gotten into me....maybe it is the lack of not having planning to do....but I cannot stop re-decorating my house in my mind about 5 times a day! We got a lot of new stuff for the house for the wedding - shocking, I know - but now I want to make it all work together like it did when I registered for it. My first room that I want to tackle is our bedroom. We have some color in all of the other rooms but we got a beautiful, crisp, clean, white duvet for the bed and it is crying for a pop of color! When we moved in a year and half ago I decided I wanted to paint the walls a light teal color so I had a few pops of it in the bath and on the sheets. See, when you close on your very first home in less than two weeks while having to be out of your previous home, painting takes a back seat. We have added a few new pieces here and there and done a little, but all the ideas we/I wanted to bring to life got put on hold due to wedding planning. But now, no excuse.....well kind of....I am traveling a lot in the next 2 months so I have to plan accordingly.....

But onto the pictures....the fun part! Here are a few reasons why I adore teal so.....

I love the simplicity of the white and black and then the pop of such a pretty pretty shade of blue!

Love, love, love.

How fun is the pink?! I don't think Mr. B would be too keen on that....

this would make doing laundry a much more delightful experience!
(can you tell I like the black and white?!)

is it sad that I want Miley's room?

I would NEVER have put this together, but it works fabulously and I just love it.

So, this is what I am thinking with my room:

this is what our bed looks similar to now

We have two dressers and nightstands in a dark brown that match, so in effort to save money and be thrifty I was thinking painting them all black, but oh how I love these!

So let's picture one of these beds in a room painted this color:

with our beautiful comforter:

and these curtains:

and this fabulous mirror!!!

Okay....our bedroom isn't that huge so this might be overwhelming...but something on a smaller scale above the dresser!

Then throw in a bunch of fun black and white throw pillows - how fabulous would that be!?

Come on, I can do this, right!??!

Monday, January 25, 2010

A little weekend recap....

Well, it's Monday....yet again....and I again, am not ready for it, but I did have quite the fabulous weekend!

Friday, I had date night with my sweetie - and although it did not go as planned, it was a good and very much needed night. I love you, Frankie!

Saturday, after a lazy morning of breakfast in bed and a little cuddle time with the hubs watching "What Happens In Vegas", we got up and got ready for Momma'a arrival! Mom got there and the 3 of us went to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Now let me just say, I am a HUGE Nashville Originals fan, meaning I almost always try and go to a local Nashville Restaurant rather than a chain - especially when we have out-of-towners. Nashville has an ever-growing plethora of locally owned and run restaurants and they are all fabulous and unique to Nashville in their own way and include all of my fav restaurants! With that being said, I absolutely LOVE California Pizza Kitchen, not for the pizza or the fact that they don't serve champagne - but that's another story, but for their amazing plethora of salads! (wow, who would have thought I could use the word "plethora" twice in one post!) they have so many and they are all SOOOOO yummy and fabulous! Great lunch spot! Oh yeah, and there Avocado Club Rolls....I mean, just look at of the most fabulous things you can put in your mouth....

Then, Trey made his exit and we head to Signature Salon for some girly pampering! Mom and I LOVE this place, good prices, they people are always SOOOO nice, AND they give you wine! What more could you want?!?! Well, maybe more than one glass of wine, that was a tease!  So we had manis, pedis, and was a fabulous way to spend the afternoon!!!

Next, we went shopping! I have had gift cards left over from the wedding and Christmas burning a hole through my wallet for the past few months and I was determined to uses them. I was trying to save the Macy's gift cards for something for the house.....but we got just about all the kitchen and bedroom stuff we wanted so I have had a hard time making a I bought Trey 12 pairs of socks (I know, we are already that couple....but he has been complaining about socks for weeks so when I found some Polo socks on sale for $6 I jumped on it) and I also found a pair of adorable skinny jeans for $20! Mom got a couple really cute wrap sweaters, so it was a semi-successful shopping trip! We head home to get ready for dinner and grab the hubs!

We went to Tin Angel (a Nashville Original) and it was soooooo yummy!!!! I do believe that Tin Angel is my favorite restaurant in Nashville!! If you haven't been, go! We went home and had a few more cocktails while playing Scrabble (which my ever so sweet husband ran out and bought before dinner because he knew I had been wanting it) and had a blast! And let me also note, I was the Scrabble champ of the evening winning with the word Zen on a Triple Word Score - yeah, whats up?!

Sunday morning we took mom to Le Peep for brunch, bloody mary's, and mimosas! She quickly hopped on the road so she could get to Tunica in time to meet Daddy for the game. Trey and I ran a few errands at Cool Springs, where I proceeded to get sucked in to the Forever 21 accessories store......I swear I haven't been shopping for stuff for me in months, but twice in one weekend, wow!!! Then we head to the store to get a few things for the games! I made some munchies and we headed over to a friend of ours house to watch some of the last of the 2009/10 football season. Trey is a big Peyton Manning fans for obvious reasons, so were pulling for the Colts in the first game - and Peyton didn't let us down. Next, was the Saints VS Favre, oh sorry, The Vikings. I am a big Saints fan, Mississippi doesn't have an NFL team - so our team is the Saints. They have had an awesome season and they have NEVER been to the Super Bowl. And let me just say, that was one of the most STRESSFUL games I have ever watched! I absolutely HATE NFL overtime, I get so worked up and after a game like that and then goes into overtime....I was a mess! But when the Saints won the coin toss I breathed a little and then not again until that ball made its way through the goal post and I saw the refs throw up their arms! After watching Ole Miss and TN all season, I was prepared for a let you can imagine what we all did!!

So, my Saints are going to the Super Bowl!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! I never thought I would have to root against a Manning......but I guess there is a first time for everything! :) GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!

And thank you again, Momma for such a fabulous weekend!!! We had so much fun with you and cannot wait to see all of you in a couple weeks!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Date Night!

It's Friday and in t-minus 36 minutes I am peacing out of work! Woo-hoo! Theeennnnnn, I get to have a fabulous date night with this man:

jealous?!?? You should be....he's a rockstar! :)

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thank God for Mommas!

I am always excited about the weekend, normally because that means 2 full days with my fabulous hubs....but this weekend I am particularly excited because my ever so fabulous, amazing, and beautiful momma is coming in town! :)
How beautiful is she!?

Now it is very rare that mom travels without Daddy (it is actually adorable how inseparable they are!), but I get her all to myself this weekend! You see, the say before our wedding I had a mani/pedi party for all the bridal party and family at this fabulous salon here that serves cocktails. Well, my sweet momma fell in love! She had never had a pedicure before - yes, I know, it was very hard for me to comprehend too - but now she is addicted to them! She loves coming back to Nashville to go back there and have a total girl day, and I must say that I ADORE it too! :) So we will start out the morning with that, then shopping and lunch at one of my favs and then dinner with the hubs.........trying to decided between PM or The Tin Angel - two of my very fav restaurants here in Nashville! Decisions, decisions......

Love You Momma!!! Can't wait to see you!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Par-tay!!!

Okay here are the last of the wedding pics...the reception!!!

This is our "green room" that we had for the wedding party to have a little grub and cocktails before we were announced, loved it....made us feel like Rockstars!!
We're here!!

Here is our candy buffet that I did with a little help from the ever fabulous Katie P! (my adorable bridesmaid with the short curly hair) - notice the chocolate chip cookies that I made special for Trey since he isn't a big candy fan :)

Soooo, these are not the flowers I wanted at all....I wanted just green hydrangeas for a clean look to go with the clean lines of the cake :(.......but I am the only one who knew the difference and I promise you it did not stop me from enjoying every bit of the night!

The cakes were fabulous and done by non other than the fabulous, Juanita at Dulce Desserts, mmmm I want some now!

First Dance, "You'll Be My Lover Too" by Van Morrison

Our awesome, awesome lighting done my Nashville Event Lighting - and they actually blogged about us here.

Toasts! Trey's brother, Jon gave such a fabulous toast, so sweet!!

TOTAL Daddy's girl!! :)

A little dancin'

Guest book table, I made the book at through, I highly recommend this website, very easy to use, lots of fun applications, and the best part - good prices! I also made one with all the wedding pics as a Christmas present for our parents.

Just LOVE this pic!
Our Super Cool Bar......yes those are floating flowers in the legs!

And We lived Happily Ever After! :)

Hello Blogging World!

Sooooo, I have been a very bad bad blogger. The holidays started and I let you fall by the wayside, I vow to make a much better effort in 2010. I did not make any New Years Resolutions, but hey - will pretend that was it! Clearly I have lots to catch up on, so I will be back with some quick catch-up posts! :)

On a prettier that I am all excited about my blog again and have decided to be a better blogger, I thought we neeed a pretty new look! I got this adorable background here which I found at a new blog I love, A Wedding Story, both very much worth checking out! :)


The Very Bad Blogger