Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Our hummer, HA!
LOVE my shoes!

One of my faves!

Love "our" wall! :)

greatest picture!!

See how he makes me laugh!

two seconds later the security said we weren't allowed to take pictures........really?!?!

off to our green room with the wedding party before we are announced!

Friday, November 6, 2009

We Say, I Do!

I LOVE these pictures, had no idea what she was doing when I did it.....but that is why she is amazing!!

a few details

Heading in (notice my green shoes poking out! :))

Trey's Grandmothers and brother

My Gram and brother

Trey and his fabulous mom

My sweet momma and brother

Trying to breath and not ruin my make-up!

Sweet Daddy!

'bout to head in!

Here we go!


Loved the runner, the "B" was green!

Trey reading his vows to me....the most amazing moment of my life to date!

We're Hitched!

Awwww, I am his wife!

Next, more formals....

Formals - the first batch....

Clearly, only two of us got the memo.

One of my favs!

I think Meredith made a funny.......

I love my momma!!

My B-E-A-U-tiful niece!

I have GREAT friends!

Such an amazing caption of my Grandmother!

The Men!

How lucky am I?!

With the ushers

love him!!

Apparently, Trey did this coming out of Commander's Palace in New Orleans on is Bachelor Trip......

Hot Men!

Love it!

Next, we say "I do"!