Thursday, October 15, 2009

We're homeowners!

So back in July of 2008 we purchased our first home. Now, at this point we were not married or even enagaged yet, but we wanted to move in together and we were both at a place where we wanted to buy a house. This was completely crazy to some and worried people like my mother - I can hear her now "you are going to get married one day, right?" - yes, mom, when it is right for us. So after a exhausting search and almost giving up we found our first home and closed in 2 weeks! I wouldn't recommend that, it was stressful to put it lightly. It was beyond perfect for us and we love it! Here are a few pics after we first moved in, there have been a lot of changes since then but no recent pics...

The den, for some reason the walls look yellow...totally not yellow!

Our fabulous kitchen!

Our Room

Our bathroom

2nd bedroom

Trey's Man Cave (there are a lot more guitars, drums, and A LOT more orange now :))

3rd bedroom

And our POOL!

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