Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The story of us.......

Here is a little background information on The Bellars before we were The Bellars.

Trey was born in Nashville and was raised in Cookeville, TN. He graduated from The University of Tennessee in December of 2003 with a Bachelors in History. He traveled Europe for a while and then made his way to Nashville to pursue his love of music. He took a few jobs along the way to get by and found himself at Gaylord Opryland working the front desk......that's where he found me.

I grew up moving every 2 years, seriously, and no I am not an army brat. My dad got transferred a lot and everytime my parents sat my brother and I down for a "family meeting" it meant we were moving. I lived in 7 states before I was 12.....needless to say I was ready to stay put. We ended up staying put in Jackson, MS.....moving there from Colorado was an experience, let me tell you. Anyway, I gradauted from The University of Mississippi in December of 2005 with a Bachelors in Hospitality Management, which is what brought me to Opryland for my internship.

I had no intention of staying in Nashville very long, I wanted to do my internship and then move to a big city all by myself! The reason for this was I had been in one of those up and down, break-up get-back-together, tumultuous relationships all 5 years of college excluding my last semester. I was determined to be on my own and not date anyone for a very very very long time........and I never wanted to get married. The first time Trey and I laid eyes on each other was my first day on the job, I was in my training mananger's office - which just so happened to be the woman Trey had just started dating - and he walked in. We made eye contact, I thought he was a little hottie and he says he thought I was absolutely beautiful and did a double take when he saw me - this says a lot since I was in a front desk uniform! :) Things work out in strange ways......he had just started dating someone very recently and I was in no shape for a realtionship let alone a date....this all allowed us to become friends!

We hung out on and off for the next was wierd we would always be with him and his girlfriend and mutual friends and niether one of us knew that we both had the hots for each other! We should have known when everytime we all hung out we always found ourselves talking to each other the most. Long story short Trey and his girlfriend decided they just weren't right for each other and they broke up. Trey immediately wanted to call me and I immediately wanted to call him but both still not knowing if the other was interested, not wanting to jump too soon, and not wanting to hurt anyone, nothing happened. A couple months later I was going out to celebrate a new job and invited Trey along, we spent the entire night together, went on a date the next night and the rest is history!

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