Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Soooo, we're in love

Trey and I were perfect at newly dating! I had 2 weeks until my new job started and he had plenty of vacation days at his job (which at this point he has been working in banking & finance for over a year), so we spent the spring doing all of the cheesy Nashville touristy things. And let me tell you when you are finally smitten by someone who already seems like your best friend and you can't keep your hands of each other....that is heaven! We nauseated people all over Nashville and enjoyed every second of it!

For the next few months we traveled, went on several road trips, went to concerts and shows, met families, said I love you, and pretty much moved in together. Everything was perfect! Here are a few pics!

Beale Street, Memphis!

Six Flags Atlanta - Spiderman!

Kings of Leon, the night he told me he loved me!

Nashville Zoo


In Jackson visiting my Katie P!

At the park with Mr. Man!

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