Thursday, October 22, 2009

Real Life

So, while I am patiently waiting to receive the disk with all of our fantastic wedding pictures I wanted to get back to reality..........real life, after the wedding.

I wanted to start a blog like this because Trey and I, along with several other couples, have started this oh so fabulous chapter of our lives in a very hard time........thanks to our fabulous economy. When Trey proposed we were on our way to being exactly where we planned on being at that time. I was a few months into a great new job for an amazing company, Trey was at his dream job slowly growing his clientele, we bought our first home (which we couldn't have been more proud of) that we were having our very first Christmas in with family, we had/have the most amazing dog ever, and we were totally smitten with each other! We were ready for the next step.............then the stock market happened. See, Trey's dream job was to be an Investment Banker/Financial Advisor. He worked so hard to get there, went on about 8 interviews (some were panel interviews, eeek!), got the job and then had 2 months to go through training, pass his Insurance License test, Series 7, and Series 66, if he failed - he lost his job. And let me just tell you, I read some of the practice was like another language, WAY OVER MY HEAD! Needless to say, there was some stress and a lot of sleepless nights. But he passed, he was an official Financial Advisor for in International Firm! I was so proud of him and I know he was proud of himself too! Then, just a few weeks later - the stock market crashed. This was the beginning of it all. About 12 months later the company pretty much emptied out the Nashville office and "out-sized" (yes that was new to us to) over 20 advisors and Trey was one of them. It wasn't a huge shock, but still a blow.

The worst part about all of this is that all of Trey's background is in finance..........and with the way the economy is, nobody in the finance industry is hiring - they are all lucky to not be letting people go. The company took care of Trey for a while, so he took some time to think and figure out what his next step was going to be. Nashville is the mecca of Healthcare so he thought maybe I could somehow get into that, or may be financial planning for a music label or something in the music industry, maybe go back to Law school? He has thought and tried every avenue. The problem is with all the unemployed people in Nashville there is always someone with more experience than you - even if it is very little - especially with Trey he is all finance/banking. There were a few jobs out there with those backgrounds but all the financial advisors who had been let got with 5+ years of experience were taking those jobs!

It has been 5 months now and honestly with all the wedding planning it wasn't terrible timing, but now it is getting hard. Financially we are okay - just okay, but Trey needs to work, he needs to be doing something at all times. He still constantly watches the stock market, reads everything he can get his hands on about it, and is constantly looking for a job. With the economy starting to look up I am really hoping that something will happen very soon and we can just look at this as a long vacation for Trey! :)

Keep your fingers crossed! :)

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