Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Save-the-dates

Okay, honestly, these are one of my favorite parts of the wedding! They turned out exactly how I pictured them! I cut the letters out of poster board and my good friend Jenny Crafton took the pictures in our kitchen (Trey was such a good sport....I think he actually enjoyed himself!)! I then passed them along to my dear friend Jessica who is the photoshop queen! She added the green (for our wedding colors - black, white, and green) and made them look like this!! I ordered black enevelopes that opened on the end rather than the top and addressed them with a silver sharpie. I love how different and personal they are.......and cheap too! Love doing crafty things like this! :) Could not have not it with out my lovlies, thanks my loves!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I got a mention in your blog! Woohoo! I wanted to start at the beginning and work my way up to now, so I've only gotten through a few entries. I love it so far! Great job!