Monday, October 19, 2009

Let the wedding planning begin!

So, I always wanted a Fall wedding and Trey loved it too because Nashville in the Fall is our absolute favorite time of year!! We tried our damndest to schedule it around Ole Miss and UT football, but it seemed like every bride in Nashville had the same idea. Everywhere was booked for September and October and in Nashville, you can either have your wedding in a hotel ballroom (boring), outside at one of several beautiful locations (which terrifies me with Nashville's unpredictable weather), or pay a small fortune for an indoor venue. Trying to find places that we could afford and what we wanted was hard enough let alone if they were available! I had my freak out (which is only 1 of 2 in the whole wedding planning process) and then we found it! aVenue South, it was PERFECT! Everything Trey and I wanted, seriously, even he got excited! And the best part----it was available on October 3rd! And so was the church! After that everything just kind of fell into place. I did all of the planning on my own with some help from friends closer to the date and a fabulous day of planner! I'll post a few highlights of the planning process next, in the meantime, check out our website:

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