Thursday, October 15, 2009

I said yes!

The proposal was perfect it happened where it all began.....Opryland! Trey had been sick for the past week but wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday the night before my birthday. See we had this big 80s night themed birthday party planned and had friends coming in town so he "wanted to do something just us". I didn't think anything of it, just thought he was being super sweet! So I came home from work that day and tried to talk him out of it because he had been sick, but he was adamant about it. We got all dressed up and went to dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant and it was sooooo good! He said he wanted to go out to Opryland to look at the Christmas lights (and for those of you who don't know Opryland has "A Country Christmas" every year which is decorations and lights EVERYWHERE and in extreme!). We go every year a couple times for nostalgic reasons, so again, I didn't think anything about it. We get out there and stop in the Jack Daniels Lounge for a drink and Trey is pounding back the Jack. I go to fix his collar on his jacket and he quickly swipes my hand away, I kind of stepped back and was thinking - geez, just trying to help - little did I know the ring was in his top pocket and he was scared I was going to feel the box! With all of these signs you would think I would know, but I had NO clue! So after a few more drinks we walk through the gardens of the hotel and walk pass a fountain, he asks me for some change to throw in to make a wish.....I think this is uber strange but roll with it. He pulls me right in front, looks at me and says "I wish you would spend the rest of your life with me" all while throwing it and getting down on one knee. He proceeds to tell me how much loves me and how much he wants to marry me. I, of course, am balling crying. I get down on my knees hugging him and screaming yes! There were people all around us clapping and taking pictures. It was PERFECT! We spent the rest of the evening celebrating in the Irish Pub calling all of our friends and family (which by the way the ONLY people that knew were our parents! all of my friends were shocked!)!

This is a picture in front of the fountain right after it happened, I stopped crying just long enough to take the picture

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