Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Princess!

One more post for the day, a few pics of me and my 100 pound Princess! Yes, I am aware he is a boy....but he is such a princess! How sweet is he?!

We got our pics!!!

So, we got our fabulous disc in the mail yesterday! As I mentioned before, I saw them all on her website a few weeks ago and I have been patiently waiting for the disc to post pictures and print and make books and do all kind of stuff with! Well, it has been a crazy week and it is not stopping anytime soon! I am hoping to get them up this weekend, but in the meantime check out the FABULOUS case that my FABULOUS PHOTGRAPHER made for the disk! Just when I thought her awesomess ended, I got excited all over again!!!
the front cover, with our name and date!

the back cover

when you open it

the inside insert that she wrote us a little note (and I LOVE the pic!)

I say again, Hannah Rocks!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

TGIF, seriously! This week has been crazy.......I got back from my honeymoon to find out that my oh so fabulous boss had resigned to take a new position :(! Loved her so I was very sad about this, but that also meant more work. When I started this job it was 4 sales it's 2. 2 people doing 4 people's jobs.......exhausting! So.......when I say TGIF, I mean it! I get to go home to a meal prepared by my fabulous husband and then watch football ALL day tomorrow!! HOTTY TODDY!!!! And the best part, I got a bunch of canvas boards on sale and new paints so I plan on letting me creativity flow all weekend!!! YAY!! I'll post some of the pretty pics! :)


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Real Life

So, while I am patiently waiting to receive the disk with all of our fantastic wedding pictures I wanted to get back to reality..........real life, after the wedding.

I wanted to start a blog like this because Trey and I, along with several other couples, have started this oh so fabulous chapter of our lives in a very hard time........thanks to our fabulous economy. When Trey proposed we were on our way to being exactly where we planned on being at that time. I was a few months into a great new job for an amazing company, Trey was at his dream job slowly growing his clientele, we bought our first home (which we couldn't have been more proud of) that we were having our very first Christmas in with family, we had/have the most amazing dog ever, and we were totally smitten with each other! We were ready for the next step.............then the stock market happened. See, Trey's dream job was to be an Investment Banker/Financial Advisor. He worked so hard to get there, went on about 8 interviews (some were panel interviews, eeek!), got the job and then had 2 months to go through training, pass his Insurance License test, Series 7, and Series 66, if he failed - he lost his job. And let me just tell you, I read some of the practice was like another language, WAY OVER MY HEAD! Needless to say, there was some stress and a lot of sleepless nights. But he passed, he was an official Financial Advisor for in International Firm! I was so proud of him and I know he was proud of himself too! Then, just a few weeks later - the stock market crashed. This was the beginning of it all. About 12 months later the company pretty much emptied out the Nashville office and "out-sized" (yes that was new to us to) over 20 advisors and Trey was one of them. It wasn't a huge shock, but still a blow.

The worst part about all of this is that all of Trey's background is in finance..........and with the way the economy is, nobody in the finance industry is hiring - they are all lucky to not be letting people go. The company took care of Trey for a while, so he took some time to think and figure out what his next step was going to be. Nashville is the mecca of Healthcare so he thought maybe I could somehow get into that, or may be financial planning for a music label or something in the music industry, maybe go back to Law school? He has thought and tried every avenue. The problem is with all the unemployed people in Nashville there is always someone with more experience than you - even if it is very little - especially with Trey he is all finance/banking. There were a few jobs out there with those backgrounds but all the financial advisors who had been let got with 5+ years of experience were taking those jobs!

It has been 5 months now and honestly with all the wedding planning it wasn't terrible timing, but now it is getting hard. Financially we are okay - just okay, but Trey needs to work, he needs to be doing something at all times. He still constantly watches the stock market, reads everything he can get his hands on about it, and is constantly looking for a job. With the economy starting to look up I am really hoping that something will happen very soon and we can just look at this as a long vacation for Trey! :)

Keep your fingers crossed! :)

Officially Becoming Mrs. Bellar

So........I am now is the process of changing my name from Sarah Jo Kelly to Sarah Kelly Bellar. Now, I got a few warnings of how much of a pain this is and that I should not look forward to it, but I just kept thinking - it can't be that bad. Well, they were right - I was wrong. I started to do this the week we got back with basic stuff i.e. e-mails, voicemails, facebook, you know the basics. Then it was on to bank accounts, social security card, passports - but first I needed a new license. There was only 3 people in front of the me at the DMV, but somehow it still took over and hour. Drivers license - check, all bank accounts - social security office. So I had the day off and decided that was the best time to hit up the dreaded Social Security Office, we googled it - got lost - found it - only to find out that they moved and were on the other side of town. Really?! Come on google! So then we find the new office and wait for about 45 minutes, social security card -check. This week I changed all my debit and credit cards and ordered new checks. Still left to do, Car Title, Mortgage, Car Insurance, Passport ($75 - really?!, I just got that thing a year ago!), and insurance - which I can't do until I get my ss card. Ugggghhhh, it is never ending. But on a happy note, I am a Bellar! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

honeymoon dos

a few more! :)

Lunch at the top of the mountain, it was beautiful - you could see everything!

Our new bestest friend, we named him Ted. Cannot for the life of remember what they are actually called but it looked like a mix between a dog and a racoon. He was so sweet, we saw him everyday and fed him, so cute!

Look at him on the bar! Ready for a drink!

Feeding Ted!

More dinner, at Club Gabi......there was a lot of eating on this honeymoon!

We went zip-lining on a canopy tour and this was what we rode in for 45 minutes on non-existent roads. The trip there was just as exciting as the zip-lining!

I LOVED IT! The first few were a little scary, but after that it was AWESOME!

My hubby!

SO beautiful at the top!

This sweet, sweet couple that did it with us, Jack and Sandy. He is 78 years old and they did the whole thing! They said it was on their bucket list. We also had a 6 year old boy doing it by himself! Definitely two extremes of the spectrum!

Sunset Cruise, so gorgeous!

Farewell Champagne and Strawberries.

They had candles and rose petals all over the room for us, it was so beautiful! As I said before, the place was PHENOMENAL!!!! GO!!!

Honeymoon! Pura Vida!

So we went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon and it was FABULOUS! So beautiful, so relaxing, and the resort was beyond words! I work in the hospitality industry so me being this awed and this blown away says a lot. I recommend this resort to anyone, honeymooners or not! Check 'em out Paradisus Playa Conchal . I have oodles and oodles of pictures so, I will just post a few:

5:00 in the morning the Sunday after the wedding, going on about 3 hours sleep and pure excitement!

After about 5 hours, we're here!!! Riding our golf cart to our suite!

A few pics of the beautiful suite!!
Welcome champagne & strawberries dipped in chocolate and coconut - soooo yummy!

View from our room!

First night at the Asian restaurant, they had FABULOUS food. Everywhere. I did not have one thing I didn't
like the whole week!

Chillin' in our Cabana. :)

The Mexican Restaurant, definitely the best! We went a couple times, I mean look at that spread!

One of our many friends, although this one was not really feeling Trey...

Love our beachy cocktails, the Miami Vice was spendid!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pre and Post Wedding Festivities

So here are a few pics from the before and after the big day!
 Having some wine with manis and pedis - we took over half the salon! "No, no, you that school."

My Katie Love and I setting up the candy buffet at the reception. I did all of the candy and Katie made those centerpieces, aren't they AMAZING!

The Practice Round

The Rehearsal Dinner at Giovannis Ristorante, sooooooo amazing!!!

My BEAUTIFUL wedding gift from my AMAZING HUSBAND!!!

He is SOOOOO good!!!

Going Honky Tonking after the reception!

Had to show off my beautiful garter (with our initals in blue, love it!) that my MOH got me and my green shoes! :)

Jack Shots!!! Love this pic!


I will post all of the professional pics as soon as I get them!

I love being married....

Check out the sweet note my hubby left on the door for me when I got home last night since he wasn't going to be there-

i love that man!

A Few Engagement Pics

We took our Engagement Pics back in May, which was the absolute perfect time of year to do them! We took some of them at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens so all the gorgeous Spring flowers were in bloom, I heart that place! The rest we took downtown, which is totally me and Trey! Our photographer is the fabulous and phenomenal Hannah Elaine and to put it lightly, SHE ROCKS!!!! Check out her blog. I absolutely adore her and we LOVED working with her...........I am trying to come up with something to book her for again! :) Without further a due, here are some of our favs: